Best Rastakhan’s Rumble Decks – The Top Deck Lists for the New Expansion!

If you’re looking for the best Rastakhan’s Rumble decks then you’ve come to the right place! We will be rounding up all of the top deck lists from the new expansion, and continuing to update this guide with more decks as we narrow down the best options for every class.

We usually find that the final expansion of the year has a greater impact on the meta than the middle of the year one, but it remains to be seen how Rastakhan’s Rumble will warp the meta. While we’re going to be grouping together all of the highest performing lists, please keep in mind that decks early in the expansion release might not stick around for long. A deck that is good in the first few days might not continue to be good as decks are more refined. The biggest reason why decks tend to fall off is because early in the release you are mostly playing against other unproven decks. This can lead to a false sense of their power level, and once people start to fall back onto older and more refined decks, the newer ones might start to struggle.

If you just want to check out a big list of decks from the new expansion then check out our Rastakhan’s Rumble decks post!

Top Rastakhan’s Rumble Deck Lists

This is where we will be gathering all of the best decks for the new expansion. If a list is performing well, you will find it here. However, there could be decks that come and go from this as the meta plays out. We’re also going to include the better decks from the previous expansion so you can get an idea where each class was prior to the new meta.

Best Druid Rastakhan Decks

Druid is coming into the new expansion with some solid but mostly tier 2 decks. The new expansion seeks to bring back some Beast flavor, but also has a new potential lane for the class by riffing off its hero power.

Top Lists

Gonk has now entered into the reliable Malygos shell to bring Gyong to #1 legend deeper into the expansion’s release.

Deck Import

Da Undatakah was a hyped card going into the expansion, but early on it didn’t see a lot of play. Dog was able to take this Taunt Druid with it as a featured card to the number one legend spot.

Deck Import

It’s like a Big/Taunt Druid on steroids – a lot of the slower matchups are auto-wins, because you can go infinite now.

Deck Import

Popular Druid Archetypes

Best Hunter Rastakhan Decks

Hunter continues to look to be top tier in the Rastakhan’s expansion. Deathrattle Hunter is a great deck, and the class has a few other options at its disposal. The new expansion brings it some pretty interesting Beast synergy cards as well as the early game Springpaw. Hunter is also the beneficiary of receiving the only hero card this expansion in Zul'jin.

Top Lists

Midrange Hunter might be back on the menu! The old classic Hearthstone deck picked up a few new options, and is doing well on the ladder.

Deck Import

If you don’t want to go full in on just spells, then you have the option to run a secret version of Hunter.

Deck Import

It seems very unlikely that Deathrattle Hunter is going anywhere anytime soon. This list takes advantage of Dragonmaw Scorcher and Oondasta from the new expansion.

Deck Import

Recruit Hunter was mostly pushed out by Deathrattle Hunter, but it might be back on the menu now thanks to Zul’jin, which provides an extra massive late game tempo swing.

Deck Import

Hunter seems like the standout class in the very early days of the expansion. Zul’jin is a powerful card, and can do a lot of work with its Battlecry.

Deck Import

Popular Hunter Archetypes

Best Mage Rastakhan Decks

Mage had its struggles heading into The Boomsday Project, but had fallen back on its Tempo roots to stay afloat as a mid-tier class. Much to the surprise of many, it would eventually lose Mana Wyrm to nerfs, which was one of its most powerful cards and helped carry the early game for Tempo Mage. The class largely fell to the bottom of the meta in popularity, and only had a couple of decks worth playing. Rastakhan hopes to bring back some Elemental flavor to the class, as well as bringing some hero power synergy as an option.

Top Lists

While Tempo Mage lost Mana Wyrm, it has picked up again in the Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion. Not too much new in the list, just the addition of Spellzerker.

Deck Import

While this list might not be completely refined, the concept of going more aggressive with Odd Mage is intriguing. Yulsic took this list from Rank 5 to Legend!

Deck Import

The deck is basically like a Big Spell Mage going Odd – it turns out that 2 damage Hero Power, as well as Jan’alai, the Dragonhawk come pretty handy in lots of matchups.

Deck Import

Popular Mage Archetypes

Best Paladin Rastakhan Decks

While Paladin lost its Even version to nerfs in The Witchwood, it eventually would see that deck return after the nerfs in The Boomsday Project. The class also continues to have one of the most powerful aggressive decks in the game with Odd Paladin. Rastakhan’s Rumble is looking to bring the class back to its roots by introducing some powerful control cards to its arsenal.

Top Lists

Odd Paladin is likely going to continue as one of the best options for the ladder. The deck got nothing in the new expansion, but it remains a top tier deck.

Deck Import

If you don’t want to get too creative with the expansion then a lot of the decks from the previous meta will work just fine with a tweak or two! Even Paladin should fall nicely into this.

Deck Import

Exodia Paladin was a niche deck before, but it got a solid buff in the latest set. It’s much easier to survive until you can finally pull off your combo now.

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Popular Paladin Archetypes

Best Priest Rastakhan Decks

Priest was off to a pretty rough start in The Boomsday Project, but eventually the Resurrect archetype was found and gave the class a bit of hope. While it is still largely in the bottom of the meta, the new expansion could potentially bring the class back up to prominence.

Top Lists

It could be possible that Topsy Turvy Priest is no longer a niche deck list. It got Mass Hysteria in the new expansion, which might be enough to push it into relevance!

Deck Import

Inner Fire Priest has been a pretty reliable go to for the Priest class. Rastakhan’s gave it a bit more juice with Firetree Witchdoctor and Dragonmaw Scorcher as options.

Deck Import

Mind Blast Control Priest was relying heavily on Dragon synergies to work, and Rastakhan’s Rumble has added some new, interesting options to choose from, making the Dragon package much better.

Deck Import

Popular Priest Archetypes

Best Rogue Rastakhan Decks

Rogue was off to an interesting in The Boomsday Project meta with the fun but difficult Pogo Rogue. While that deck would eventually fall off, the class ended up having quite a few options at its disposal. The new expansion might give it even another option, and this time its in the way of Pirates! The class flirted with these before, but is now receiving quite a few cards that should synergize nicely with the tribe.

Top Lists

Tempo Rogue has had moments in the past where it has shined, but lately it’s been on the weaker side. Enter in Rastakhan’s Rumble and the list might have enough again to make some waves.

Deck Import

Miracle Rogue continues its crusade to never leave the meta. While this deck won’t work for everyone, experienced Rogue players might find it just what they’ve been looking for!

Deck Import

Raiding Party gave Kingsbane Rogue more much needed consistency, and given that the early builds can be quite greedy, Kingsbane Rogue preys on them.

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Popular Rogue Archetypes

Best Shaman Rastakhan Decks

Shaman continues to be a mid-tier class with the ever reliable Even Shaman as an option. It also has the controversial yet popular Shudderwock, and the new expansion might offer the class a few new options that could fit in that list. The new cards in Rastakhan’s Rumble are largely focused on spell synergy, which could end up revitalizing the old Evolve Shaman.

Top Lists

Tempo Shudderwock was a tough to play and niche deck in the past. The new expansion brought it a couple of new toys with Krag’wa and Rain of Toads. We’ll see if it is enough to bring the archetype into relevance.

Deck Import

Popular Shaman Archetypes

Best Warlock Rastakhan Decks

Warlock is in a pretty solid spot right now and is one of the most popular classes on the ladder. Not only does it have the ever reliable Zoolock, but it has the solid controlling Even Warlock if you are into slower matches. The class even still has Cubelock, which was once thought to be nerfed into the ground. Blizzard is looking to resurrect the fabled Discard archetype for the class. It has got multiple new cards targeting this potential style of play, but it remains to be seen if is enough!

Top Lists

Zoo is always hanging around and the Rastakhan’s Rumble expansion meta is no different.

Deck Import

Popular Warlock Archetypes

Best Warrior Rastakhan Decks

While Odd Warrior had sometime to shine in The Boomsday Project meta, it has largely been pretty bleak for the once powerful class. Blizzard is looking to throwback to better days and revitalize the Dragon Warrior archetype. They are look to do this with some strong options like Emberscale Drake, Smolderthorn Lancer, and War Master Voone.

Top Lists

Odd Warrior was an already established archetype, and it has became even better with the new Dragon package.

Deck Import

Popular Warrior Archetypes

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  1. Lucas Terry
    January 8, 2019 at 6:39 am

    Odd paladin deck is listed with level up which is even now.

  2. Lathiel
    December 20, 2018 at 4:28 am

    Sadly, yesterday’s nerfs have changed a lot of these lists.

    Odd Pally no longer has access to Level Up! which has basically killed the deck.

    Druids have had their ramp spells cost increased by 1 (Wild Growth and Nourish), which will reduce win %s.

    Saronite Chaingang has been “fixed” and can no longer grant Shaman Shudderwock the consistency it needed.

    Leeching Poison now only applying for a single turn MASSIVELY cripples Kingsbane Rogue.

    (And a few weeks ago, Mana Wyrm had it’s cost increased by 1, which hurt Tempo Mage.)

  3. Crapcrack
    December 15, 2018 at 5:41 am

    DRUIDS :b

  4. Vincent
    December 14, 2018 at 2:49 am

    So now the meta stabilized, we’re back to the same decks as before the expansion (except for quest rogue). Most of the top decks have no Rastakhan cards at all like odd and even paladin, odd rogue, even and shudderwock shaman, even and zoo warlock. Or have 1 or 2 Rastakhan cards like kingsbane rogue, druid and hunter decks. OTK paladin is the only new deck that’s actually good. Odd mage is not that great. Warrior and priest are in a bad spot again. Did Rastakhan have a greater impact on the meta then Boomsday? I think not.

    • Vincent
      December 15, 2018 at 3:01 pm

      Finally legend again with spell hunter till r3, even warlock r1 back to r2, then made it with zoolock (
      AAECAf0GAq8EnOICDjCEAfIFzgfCCPcMysMCm8sC980Cn84C8tAC0eECh+gC7/ECAA ). It took me like 50+ games between rank 2 and legend. I encountered (estimate) 10 odd and 2 otk pala, 10 druid mostly taunt, 10 hunters mostly deathrattle, 6 rogues mostly kingsbane, 4 shudderwock and 1 even shaman, 1 zoolock, 1 quest priest, 1 odd warrior, 1 odd and 1 murloc mage. Of all those games I think I could count the amount of Rastakhan cards being played with my 2 hands. It’s very rare to see one.

    • Andrew Mertes
      December 16, 2018 at 2:55 pm

      The meta is far from settled. First iteration is “TRY EVERYTHING NEW!” second iteration is now, which is “go back to old stuff and slowly incorporate cards we tried”. You’re acting like this isn’t exactly how it works every single expansion.

      • Vincent
        December 17, 2018 at 7:30 am

        Well I watched HCTPhilly last night and apparently the pros are back to the old decks too. Twitch chat was filled with sarcastic spam “new and exciting decks”.

  5. Bani56
    December 14, 2018 at 2:49 am

    Always looking fwd for hs newer content on the best hs website. Keep it up!

  6. Shurchil
    December 14, 2018 at 2:40 am

    Warrior description: “(…) revitalize the Dragon Warrior archetype. They are look to do this with some strong options like Emberscale Drake, Smolderthorn Lancer, and War Master Voone.”
    – not putting any dragon deck into the list.

  7. Andrew Yuniar
    December 10, 2018 at 11:56 am

    Best hearthstone website

  8. Numero80
    December 7, 2018 at 6:57 am

    A deck based on Zerek, Master Cloner deck should be Priest best deck.

  9. Flamingseahorse
    December 6, 2018 at 4:11 pm

    i think the new decks are way better than last sets and l love Krawg’wa

  10. Trulz
    December 5, 2018 at 2:30 pm

    If the meta stays like this, this expansion also is really underwhelming for me.
    Most of the decks barely have new Cards, maybe a few new decks that still need to stand their ground, that’s it.

    Can’t wait for the rotation..

    • Nellyboi
      December 5, 2018 at 6:06 pm

      It’s been one day chill for a sec

    • Nickname23
      December 5, 2018 at 6:29 pm

      Can’t agree (so far). There is less OTK and Solitaire playstyle + less Baku/Genn apart from Odd Mage, which is basically new to the Meta. The Aggro Shaman looks promising for keeping greed in check. It’s been only 2 days, but I am slightly optimistic.

      • Brenden
        December 6, 2018 at 10:13 am

        Well, the new big druid is kinda cool as it goes infinite
        Priest, albeit not using many more cards, may be played more as, well i personally have tried the control priest and the firetree witchdoctor has come in soooo handy. (I once got Mind Games and got a malygos from it and lethaled.)
        Odd warrior with dragons!!
        Disco warlock
        Aggro shaman finally back
        Kingsbane in an aggro deck

        Yea, the new archetypes, or just new synergies used seem to keep this expansion from being stale

    • Dark
      December 6, 2018 at 7:13 pm

      Hard disagree

  11. Brenden
    December 5, 2018 at 7:25 am

    Hmmm Aggro shaman seems like it’ll be good, with Krag’wa and one copy of the spirit