Legendary Deck Finder Tool

Congratulations on your newly acquired Legendary! We created this page to help you find a deck for your new card, or maybe help you decide if you should recycle it for dust to create something better.

Keep in mind that before you dust a card, there is always a chance it may be useful in the future. A card like Al'Akir the Windlord was considered a low tier Legendary until players found a place for him. However, there are Legendaries like Gruul and The Beast that have never seen real play in competitive decks and are usually considered arcane dust fodder.

This database only uses decks from this particular site. There are a lot more decks out there, and in general this database is pooled from top players and does not contain lower tier decks unless they were in an experimental state. If you don’t find a recent deck on this site, consider looking to other websites or trying your hand at crafting your own deck before dusting.

What Deck Does My Legendary Fit In?