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The Boomsday Project Launch Survival Guide – Launch/Release Time, Tips, & Information

The Boomsday Project is just around the corner, so check out a list of all of the information you need to know prior to the release. We’ve got launch and release times, what you are getting free with the expansion, tips if this your first expansion launch, pre-purchase information, as well as a look at […]

Whizbang the Wonderful Deck Recipes List – Hero Power, Golden Decks, & More!

We’ve got a full list of the current deck recipes you can potentially utilize if you are running Whizbang the Wonderful. I also go over some of the commonly asked questions about the card relating to hero powers, golden decks, or using him in arena and tournament events! How does Whizbang work? If […]

Puzzle Lab Guide – Release Date, Experiments, Card Back

Our Puzzle Lab Guide has all of the information for the new single-player mode that is coming to The Boomsday Project expansion. This guide will feature the release date, full list of experiments, card back you can earn, and eventual While we’ve had two back-to-back expansion with the rogue-like modes of Dungeon […]

Magnetic Keyword Guide – New Mechanic From The Boomsday Project

The upcoming Hearthstone expansion, The Boomsday Project, is going to feature a new keyword – Magnetic. It’s an entirely new mechanic centered around Mechs. It means that Boomsday Project will be the first expansion since Goblins vs Gnomes to be centered around the Mech tribe. In this guide, we’ll gather all the information about new […]

Hearthstone Epic Crafting Guide (Standard) – Post Nerf: Witchwood Meta

Determining which Epic Hearthstone card to craft can be a tough decision for experienced and new players alike. If you craft a card and find it less useful than initially expected, the best you can get is one-fourth of your Arcane Dust back. Be sure to also check out Legendary crafting guide! Our […]