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Hearthstone Battlegrounds Heroes Tier List & Guide – Best Available Heroes – May 2021

Battlegrounds is a different game mode in Hearthstone that completely changes the way you play the game. You could even say that it’s a new game built into Hearthstone. The general idea behind it was to take the popular Auto Battler genre and translate it into Hearthstone. It doesn’t play like most “Auto Chess” games, […]

Hearthstone Epic Crafting Guide (Standard) – Scholomance Academy – September 2020

Determining which Epic Hearthstone card to craft can be a tough decision for experienced and new players alike. If you craft a card and find it less useful than initially expected, the best you can get is one-fourth of your Arcane Dust back. Our Hearthstone Epic Crafting Guide will help ease the anxiety of […]

Trial by Felfire Challenges Guide – Decks & Strategy – Ashes of Outland Solo Adventure

Solo adventure for Ashes of Outland is finally out, offering a real challenge to those who breezed through the story mode of Trial by Felfire. With unique encounters and bosses which weren’t seen in the normal encounters, the path to unlocking your copy of a Golden Kael’thas is riddled with pitfalls. We’re here to help […]

Zayle, Shadow Cloak Deck Lists – What Are The “EVIL Decks”? (Year of the Phoenix Update)

Zayle, Shadow Cloak is a card from Rise of Shadows. It wasn’t released with the expansion and came with The Dalaran Heist solo player adventure instead. How Does Zayle Work? Zayle works exactly like Whizbang the Wonderful, but it gives you one of the five EVIL Decks instead […]

Ultimate Hearthstone 2020 (Year of the Phoenix) Standard Rotation Schedule & Guide – Which Sets Rotate Out, Hall of Fame, How To Maximize Your Dust Gain

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion around how the Standard rotation works in Hearthstone. When each new year starts the release of the first expansion of that year will set in motion the next year of Standard, our current year is known as “Year of the Dragon” (2019/2020). The upcoming year will […]