Mecha’thun Priest is a new archetype that has been added to the game in The Boomsday Project meta. It attempts to completely remove all of the cards from its deck and hand while clearing the board to win with Mecha’thun.

This seems difficult and it can be! However, you have multiple options available that help you accomplish this task. Ticking Abomination helps clear your board, and you can also use the new Reckless Experimenter to clear your board. Hemet, Jungle Hunter is great for clearing out the low cost cards in your deck! Finally, there’s Mecha’thun which has been surprisingly effective early in the Boomsday meta.

Check out an in-depth look at this deck type with mulligans and play strategy via ourĀ Mecha’thun Priest Deck Guide!

Recent Pro and Streamer Mecha'thun Priest Deck Lists

Deck Class Arcane Dust Updated Score

Boomsday Mecha’thun Priest (StanCifka)

Format: Raven - Season: 53 - Player: StanCifka
priest 7,820 1 day ago 2

Ticking Abomination Mecha’thun Priest (Thijs) – Boomsday Project

Format: Raven - Season: 53 - Player: Thijsnl
priest 7,820 5 days ago 52

StrifeCro’s Mecha’Thun Priest – Boomsday Project

Format: Raven - Season: 53 - Player: StrifeCro
priest 7,820 6 days ago 19

Savjz’s Mecha’thun Quest Priest ft. Reckless Experimenter

Format: Raven - Season: 53 - Player: Savjz
priest 11,720 1 day ago 29
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