The Witchwood Guide, Release Date, Card Spoilers List, Monster Hunt

The Witchwood is the first new set of the Year of the Raven. Our expansion guide will feature card spoiler list, gameboard art, card backs, general artwork, and more! I’ll be updating this guide immediately following the release of any new information.

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Quick Information

  • Release Date: April 12th, 2018 (Official)
  • New Cards: 135 cards
  • New Keyword – Echo: Echo cards can be casted multiple times during the same turn (think Unstable Evolution).
  • New Keyword – Rush: Rush minions have Charge, but can only attack minions on the turn they’re summoned (think Charged Devilsaur).
  • New Keyword – Start of Game: If you add a Start of Game card to your deck and meet its requirements, their effects will work right from the first turn! (think Prince Malchezaar, but this time with a requirement)
  • New Deck Building Restriction – Even/Odd Cards: Some of the new cards have powerful effects, but require you to put only even (0, 2, 4 etc.) or odd (1, 3, 5 etc.) cost cards into your deck.
  • Monster HuntNew version of Dungeon Run with 4 unique heroes.
  • Pre-order contains 70 card packs instead of 50 card packs for the same price ($49.99)!
  • Logging in after the expansion goes live will give you 3 card packs and a random class Legendary.

The Witchwood is the eighth full set expansion in Hearthstone. It will mark the debut of the Year of the Raven, and if history is any indicator it will bring significant change to the game due to the removal of three sets from standard: Whispers of the Old Gods, One Night in Karazhan, and Mean Streets of Gadgetzan.

This expansion also marks the first time we will ever not have an adventure set as part of standard. We will have the most cards available to us at any one time by the end of the year.

The Witchwood Visual Card Guide & Spoilers List

There will be 135 new cards in The Witchwood expansion. Below you will find cards sorted by class and a visual look at what is still left to reveal.

Card Database

Stonekeep’s Card Reviews

Articles & Guides

Most Recently Revealed Cards from The Witchwood








Hagatha’s Hero Power




New Witchwood Card Animations Video

Monster Hunt Single-Player Mode

Instead of a Dungeon Run it’s time to go on a Monster Hunt! You also won’t be bringing your standard class heroes, this time you will get your choice of 4 unique heroes: Cannoneer, Houndmaster, Time-Tinker, and Tracker. These heroes have unique hero powers that can be upgraded via cards you gain by defeating monsters!

Check out our Monster Hunt Guide which will feature a list of Heroes, Bosses, & Equipment List!

Monster Hunt Heroes


Card Backs

In a Dark Wood – Pre-Purchase Card Back
Monster Hunt

Full Card Artwork

Expansion Artwork

Expansion Logo

Announcement Video/Trailer

The Announcement Video

The Witchwood Trailer

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