Top Standard & Wild Legend Decks – United in Stormwind Week 9 – October 2021

It’s been nearly two weeks since Patch 21.3 has released, and it had a pretty significant impact on the meta. It didn’t put it on its head, but we now have more viable strategies than we did. Most notably, decks with mid game strategies have more breathing room, so builds like Elemental Shaman, Libram Paladin or Questline Hunter have been popping out again (previously they were also playable, but too slow in many matchups). We also have some viable-ish slower decks like Big or even Control Warrior – Control Priest is also being tried out, but I wouldn’t go as far as calling it viable. Still, the fact that you can play it in the first place (even if it’s low T3 or something) shows the change.

The new deck to beat is definitely Aggro Taunt Druid – while it falls off at high Legend ranks, it’s the strongest deck basically throughout the rest of the ladder. It’s the most popular across the higher ranks (Questline Mage is STILL #1 in general mostly thanks to its popularity in lower ranks – people really like it) and it also seems to be the strongest one. If it pops off with an unanswered Razormane Battleguard into Oracle of Elune + 2 mana Taunt then in many matchups it’s game over.

The current balance is… okay. It’s not the best we’ve seen, some decks are clearly way better than others, but nothing is completely out of the line to the point that it needs to be addressed immediately. However, I think that at this point people are just sick of United in Stormwind, even though the expansion has only been out for 2 months. Sadly, because of the Mercenaries game mode, we’ll have to wait a few more weeks until the mini-set. I guess the good news is that there will be a new mode to play around with in the meantime. We’ll also focus our content output on Mercenaries when it launches – then our long-term “support” (like articles and guides) will definitely depend on how well the mode is received.

Below, you will find a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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Hearthstone Standard Legend Decks of the Week

Hearthstone Wild Legend Decks of the Week

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  1. H0lysatan
    October 5, 2021 at 8:53 pm

    Turns out that there are some people can have a limitless turn when using Ignite Mage on Wild, emptying their decks and just cast ignite over and over. I don’t know whether it’s a bug or what, but this is just ridiculous.

    I think this one deserve a quick response as fast as Blizzchung incident, where they banned the player on the spot. But as we can see, they seems to not care that much about what’s happening in Wild.
    Typical Blizzard.

    • Fury
      October 6, 2021 at 8:10 am

      It’s an intended behavior, they already used the card and the animation is taking long