Hearthstone’s Best Standard Ladder Decks (March 2017, Season 36)

Here’s where I will be listing the best decks for you to ladder with in the Hearthstone Standard format. This isn’t a list in order of the best decks, but displays the best decks for EACH class. So, some classes might be weaker than others which means while the deck listed might be the best for it to ladder with, it doesn’t mean it’s a top tier deck in the game.

If you make it to Rank 20 on the Hearthstone ladder, this is the card back you will receive this month:

Best Hearthstone Ladder Decks for March 2017 (Season 37, Standard)

  • Update (3/6/17): Added newer version of Kun Combo Druid. Removed Muzzy’s Aggro Rogue in favor of the Luffy’s newer version of the deck.
  • Update (2/1/17): Added new card back for Season 35.
  • Update (1/26/2017): Removed N’Zoth Paladin and added Anyfin Paladin. Added Aggro Pirate Rogue, Control Warrior deck guide, and corrected Jade Midrange/Aggro Shaman versions.
  • Update (1/1/2017): Removed the C’Thun version of combo Druid, and added Vlps’ Control Warrior list. Deck lists for our archetype guides will be updated soon!
  • Update (12/26/2016): Added Murloc Beast Druid and the Malygos version of Aviana/Kun Druid.
  • Update (12/11/2016): Added a Dragon Priest guide, Midrange Secret Hunter, and a N’Zoth Control Paladin list.

Best Standard Druid Decks

Jade Druid is a solid deck, but isn’t top tier as many people predicted.
You can use Aviana to play Kun the Forgotten King which allows you to refresh your mana crystals and then drop Malygos on the board and hopefully kill your opponent with spells!
Kind of a midrange/tempo deck that uses Finja, the Flying Star to help build a board in the later game.

Best Standard Hunter Decks

Hunter and Paladin seem to be the weakest of the classes, but if you’re looking for a decent Hunter list this is probably the one to play.

Best Standard Mage Decks

Reno Mage saw a bit of play before Gadgetzan, but with new tools like Kazakus it has become much more powerful.
One of the tougher decks to play, and unfortunately doesn’t compete well with some of the best decks on the ladder.
Tempo Mage is not a terrible deck to climb with, but once you reach higher on the ladder it’s best to switch to Reno Mage.

Best Standard Paladin Decks

Paladin is one of the weakest classes in the game right now. Anyfin Paladin is one of the few options for a playable deck for the class.

Best Standard Priest Decks

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan has powered up Dragon Priest with Drakonid Operative and Dragonfire Potion. The deck had seen very little play prior to the expansion.
Similar to Dragon Priest, but runs only one copy of each card to take advantage of Reno Jackson, Kazakus, and Raza the Chained.

Best Standard Rogue Decks

Miracle Rogue continues to be a powerful deck for the ladder.
The newer incarnation of Aggro Rogue contains Murlocs with less Pirate synergy now that Small-Time Buccaneer has been nerfed.
A more combo reliant version of Miracle Rogue that centers around damage from Malygos.

Best Standard Shaman Decks

One of the decks that got hit the hardest by the recent nerfs, likely still a solid list, but not as strong as it once was.
A less all in version of Shaman that includess Jade synergy.
A Midrange Shaman list that removes Jade synergy in favor of sticking with general Shaman class cards.

Best Standard Warlock Decks

Renolock is a very powerful list that competes with some of the best decks in the meta.
Zoo is a bit weak right now, but it’s still viable in the early stages of the ladder.

Best Standard Warrior Decks

Aggro Pirate Warrior can produce a lot of damage very quickly with fast minions and weapon damage.
The tried and true Dragon Warrior continues to be one of the strong decks in the meta.
Control Warrior remains a strong deck, but is generally being outclassed by more aggressive decks in the class.
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