Hearthstone’s Best Standard Ladder Meta Decks for Each Class (August 2017, Season 41)

Here’s where I will be listing the best decks for you to ladder with in the Hearthstone Standard format. This isn’t a list in order of the best decks, but displays the best decks for EACH class. So, some classes might be weaker than others which means while the deck listed might be the best for it to ladder with, it doesn’t mean it’s a top tier meta deck in the game.

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Best Hearthstone Ladder Meta Decks in August 2017 (Season 41, Standard)

  • Update (8/17/17): Integrated decks from Knights of the Frozen Throne into the list.
  • Update (8/14/17): Added a few more Frozen Throne decks!
  • Update (8/11/17): Adding some early Frozen Throne decks to the list!
  • Update (7/25/17): Added Big EZ Druid!
  • Update (7/1/17): Added Control and Evolve Shaman guides to the list. Updated the card back for the July 2017 Standard Season.

Best Standard Druid Decks

A strong aggressive Druid deck that utilizes board floods to overwhelm the opponent.
Jade Druid is a very powerful deck that uses its ramping ability to continually pump out larger and larger Jade minions.
A relatively new deck that uses tokens and the new Strongshell Scavenger to overrun your opponent.

Older Decks

These decks are still finding their footing in the meta.

This deck uses Barnes and Druid’s various Ramp tools to cheat out big minions early in the game to destroy your opponent.

Best Standard Hunter Decks

Midrange Hunter is seeming like a fringe deck, and it’s unlikely to see a lot of play in the current meta.

Best Standard Mage Decks

Secret Mage is currently one of Mage’s best options in the Knights of the Frozen Throne meta.
Exodia Mage seeks to finish your opponent off with the combination of Molten Reflection, Sorcerer's Apprentice, Time Warp (from Open the Waygate), and then finish the job on your bonus turn with Archmage Antonidas. This is a very difficult deck to play and isn’t exactly overpowered when you do play it correctly.

Older Decks

These decks are still finding their footing in the meta.

Mage actually has a few options now that most players have given up on the Quest decks. This is similar to Freeze Mage, but can win a more value oriented game with minions.
Freeze Mage which we thought might be dead due to Ice Lance heading to Wild has come back strong!

Best Standard Paladin Decks

Midrange Murloc Paladin might just be the best overall deck in the game right now.

Older Decks

These decks are still finding their footing in the meta.

Control Paladin while having a lot of board sweeps isn’t quite enough to take down Druid. Midrange Murloc Paladin is currently the better deck.

Best Standard Priest Decks

A deck that utilizes the new Priest Death Knight Hero as well as Raza the Chained and Kazakus.
A bit of a surprise deck, but Big Priest is able to cheat out minions with Barnes. Eternal Servitude and Shadow Essence also support this deck style.
Dragon Priest is looking like it will still see play in the Frozen Throne meta.

Older Decks

These decks are still finding their footing in the meta.

Purify in a good deck?! Not many people saw this coming before Journey to Un’Goro was released, but cards like Shadow Visions and Humongous Razorleaf have made it possible!

Best Standard Rogue Decks

Miracle Rogue is currently the go-to deck for the class. The Rogue Death Knight Hero appears in some lists, but doesn’t seem to be a required piece of the deck.

Best Standard Shaman Decks

Evolve Shaman attempts to fill up the board with small minions, and use Evolve to power them up and finish the opponent off with Bloodlust.

Older Decks

These decks are still finding their footing in the meta.

Elemental Shaman is a solid deck, but Evolve/Token Shaman has it beat in the meta right now.

Best Standard Warlock Decks

A deck that was quite popular in the beginning of the Knights of the Frozen Throne release. It has cooled off a bit now and various versions are still being refined.
Warlock Zoo got a couple of new cards, but probably not enough to make it worth taking it to the ladder.

Best Standard Warrior Decks

Aggro Pirate Warrior is still one of the premiere aggro decks on the ladder.

Older Decks

These decks are still finding their footing in the meta.

A powerful deck that stalls the game with big taunts and finishes the opponent with the Ragnaros Hero Power.
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