Top Standard & Wild Legend Decks – March of the Lich King Week 2 – December 2022

It’s been nearly two weeks since March of the Lich King’s release and we’re right after our first tournament of the expansion (and notably the most important one of the year) – 2022 World Championship. Congratulations to Bunnyhoppor for taking the title & trophy home! Old Guardian also covered the best-perfoming/most-interesting decks yesterday, so feel free to check it out here.

It’s a bit hard to talk about the meta because it’s still changing. A few days ago I might have said that Questline Demon Hunter is the best deck in the game. A bit later – Deathrattle Rogue. Now? I’m not sure, it looks like Mage (Big Spell / Hero Power) is starting to show up as a counter and it works, those decks have really solid matchups vs Deathrattle Rogue. But will they be good enough in other matchups to take the #1 spot? Probably not, but honestly, it doesn’t matter because we will MOST LIKELY get a balance update next week. We technically don’t know when it will drop, but after the first small nerf patch (with Shockspitter and Sire Denathrius changes) we heard that there’s a bigger patch planned and the hotfix was pushed out as an emergency before World Championship. So I can only assume that it will be released in a couple of days (most likely Tuesday) because that’s the last chance to push it out this year.

The patch will 100% have a bunch of Death Knight buffs, since the class is clearly underperforming. I would also like to see some Warrior buffs, and maybe nerfs to some of the strongest classes (Rogue, Demon Hunter). If it’s really a bigger update then it should have a significant impact on the strongest decks. And let’s hope so – because the strongest classes are a bit over the top while the weakest ones need some serious help. Death Knight’s power level is disappointing given that it’s a new class and it would be fun to play around with it (other than in Arena, where it’s completely broken, but that’s another story).

Below, you will find a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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Hearthstone Standard Legend Decks of the Week

Hearthstone Wild Legend Decks of the Week


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