Top Standard & Wild Legend Decks – Voyage to the Sunken City Week 4 – May 2022

First off, I wanted to apologize for missing the weekly decks roundup last Sunday – I was visiting family and simply didn’t have enough time. But people were still figuring out the meta after a balance update, so I didn’t have that much to post about anyway. This week was way more fruitful, and while there are some decks popping up here and there, most of them turn out to be underwhelming.

The current meta basically belongs to two decks – Naga Aggro Demon Hunter and Control Warrior. Naga DH is just busted – it can deal so much damage while basically never running out of cards because of all the efficient card draw. On the other hand, Control Warrior is so strong because it’s the best counter for Naga DH that also works okay in many other matchups. While the problem might not be as visible at lower ranks, in high Diamond those two make up for over 50% of the meta. If we also count Questline Hunter, the third most popular build, that’s 2/3 of the meta. So if you play the game right now, you need to get used to seeing those three over and over and over again.

It doesn’t mean that the other classes are completely dead – well, at least not all of them. Druid is still doing okay with Anacondra Ramp build, Paladin is solid performer thanks to Mech & Handbuff decks, and even Mage stands a chance, mostly with Naga build. Even Burn Shaman is sort of playable, at least if you count low Tier 3 as “playable”.

Sadly, the other three classes – Priest, Warlock and Rogue – are as good as dead. At least according to the stats, because some players try to make them work – for example, Elwynn Boar Priest is a pretty popular build in Top 1k Legend, it’s regarded as more of a “high skill floor” deck. I’m not sure if I buy it – sure, it’s harder to play than your average deck, but even the best players would still be better off picking a Naga DH or Control Warrior in my opinion. The same goes for the other two – Fatigue Warlock popped up recently but it honestly doesn’t look very promising with win rates closer to 40% than 50%. And for Rogue, Pirates are still a way to go, but what seemed like a good deck at the start of the expansion simply got outclassed by Demon Hunter. There’s just no reason to play Pirate Rogue over Aggro DH because the decks have similar playstyle, but the DH does everything way better.

In other words, the meta isn’t in a great state right now – unless you like to run into three decks in 2/3 of your matches. I hope that some nerfs will drop with Patch 23.2, or possibly soon after. I know that the patch’s main focus will be Battlegrounds, but it would be nice to also shake up Standard, even if only a little.

Below, you will find a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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