Top Standard & Wild Legend Decks – Voyage to the Sunken City Week 5 – May 2022

It’s been another week without any sight of balance changes, and so the meta remains virtually unchanged. There were some shifts here and there, but it’s frankly nothing worth discussing. Naga Aggro Demon Hunter is still, by far, the #1 deck in the game, with popularity reaching almost 40% in high Diamond (luckily it’s lower, because “only” 20-25%, on average across the ladder). Then we have Control Warrior, played mostly as a Demon Hunter counter, and Questline Hunter, which has an okay matchup vs both DH and Control Warrior (roughly 45/55 vs DH and 55/45 vs Warrior). Other decks, of course, do exist, but are usually countered by at least one of those three popular decks and that’s why they’re more niche. Yes – that meta pretty much hasn’t changed for the last 2 weeks or so.

A good question would be when can we actually expect balance changes? Iksar gave us some hits in his latest Q&A – he acknowledged that they are looking into the worst performing classes (Priest, Warlock), as well as the best performing one (Demon Hunter). He also said that they are considering many buffs in the near future. Because of that, I would HOPE that the balance changes will be released, or at least announced, during the upcoming week (May 16-22). And at the very latest, the week after (May 23-29). The thing is that we’re already over a month into the expansion, so we’re getting closer and closer to a mini-set. It’s probably around 3-4 weeks away, but that’s too long of a wait for a meta change. They’re bleeding players because many people hate the current meta dominated by 3 decks (mostly Aggro DH) that lasts for almost 3 weeks now. Releasing another round of balance changes very soon and then having another meta shake-up with the mini-set seems most optimal.

Anyway, let’s hope for some shake-up soon!

Below, you will find a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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