Top Standard, Wild & Twist Legend Decks – TITANS (Week 6) – September 2023

I’m back from vacation! I’ll be honest, I worked more throughout them than I initially wanted to, but I had a few days of bad weather without much to do, so I figured out that adding some decks would be a decent way of using that time.

It’s been quite an interesting week. A new Twist season has just recently been released, with the Caverns of Time Wild set. While I find the format way, way more fun than the previous one, it’s a bit unbalanced. It’s dominated by four decks – Jade Rogue (both Patches and C’thun variants), Discard Warlock, Control Warrior and Face Hunter. Those are way, WAY above anything else. If we put those four in Tier 1, then there’s no Tier 2 at all – it’s empty. There are a few Tier 3 decks (like Secret Mage, Jade/Totem Shaman) and everything else is in Tier 4. I think that the format would be way more fun after a few balance changes – if those top decks were all targeted and made some room for other stuff. But despite it being a basically 4 deck format, I’m still enjoying it a lot. And the best part is that the format isn’t going to stay forever this way – it’s going to change soon (maybe next month, not sure what is their current plan).

We’re also in the middle of Wild Brawliseum, that’s why the decks below aren’t actually high Legend decks, but rather 12 wins Brawliseum decks. But they should all work on the ladder as well, because the meta is quite similar there. Caverns of Time didn’t have that much impact on the Wild meta as a whole, but it did have a MASSIVE impact on a single deck – Discard Warlock. It’s now completely busted, a total menace in the Wild. It was already decent before, but all of the new synergy cards (especially Chamber of Viscidus) and buffs have pushed it over the top. The recent Warrior buffs also made Even Odyn Warrior a solid competitor, as many of the strong cards turned from odd-cost ones to even-cost ones (e.g. Bladestorm, Stoneskin Armorer, Trial by Fire). And finally, Nature Overload Shaman might be mostly gone from Standard (it’s still okay-ish, but way more niche), it’s now one of the best decks in the Wild. Questline Shaman combined with Spirit of the Frog and the new Overload/Nature synergies is one of the best decks in the format.

And Standard… well, Standard is honestly not that interesting right now. The recent nerfs to Hunter did change the meta A BIT, but not that much. Yes, Hound Hunter is basically dead right now. But Arcane Hunter is still going strong, it’s still one of the best decks in the meta. And the rest of the meta is more or less in a similar spot as it was before. Here, we’re mostly waiting for the mini-set. And we probably won’t have to wait too long – I suspect that it’s going to be announced soon. The last few ones were announced shortly after the Heroic Brawliseum launched, and it seems that Blizzard is rushing through the content faster this expansion than they were in the past. They actually said that they have fun stuff to announce at BlizzCon (November 3-4), so I can’t wait to see what that is.

Below is a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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