Ignis, the Eternal Flame

Ignis, the Eternal Flame Card

Ignis, the Eternal Flame is a 4 Mana Cost Legendary Neutral Minion card from the TITANS set!

Card Text

Battlecry: If you've Forged a card this game, craft a custom weapon.

Flavor Text

ETERNAL flame? He has 4 health?!

Ignis, the Eternal Flame Additional Information

It works like Kazakus, you pick the cost and then two extra effects. Here’s a full list of them:

Base Weapon:

  • Runic Shortsword (1-cost, 2/2)
  • Runic Axe (5-cost, 3/4)
  • Runic Greatmace (10-cost, 5/6)


  • Deceit of Loken (Poisonous)
  • Hope of Sif (Lifesteal)
  • Storm of Thorim (Windfury)
  • Flame of Odyn (Also damages adjacent minions)
  • Spark of Ra-den (Your hero is Immune while attacking)

Special Ability:

  • Genius of Mimiron (After your hero attacks, summon a random 2/4/8-cost minion)
  • Pain of Jotun (Battlecry: Deal 2/4/6 damage)
  • Wisdom of Freya (After your hero attacks, draw 1/2/3 cards)
  • Chill of Hodir (Deathrattle: Deal 1/2/4 damage to all enemies)
  • Light of Tyr (After your hero attacks, gain 2/4/8 armor)

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  1. Vincent
    July 11, 2023 at 6:55 am

    There are multiple good outcomes like:
    – 2/2 Sword + Poisonous + damage all enemies for 1 mana.
    – 3/4 Axe + Windfury + draw 2 cards (twice, for 2 turns) for 5 mana for (+ druid attack cards = a lot of dmg).
    – 5/6 Mace + Windfury + summon a random 8-cost minion (twice, for 3 turns) for 10 mana.

    However you have to forge a card AND spend 4 mana first which is kinda slow especially for aggro decks. And sometimes you don’t get the options you want as you discover 3 cards from a pool of 5.

    Awesome card 5/5.

  2. Nightfall
    July 10, 2023 at 12:16 pm

    This card…

    imagine a Runic Greatmace (10 mana 5/6) + Storm of Thorim (Windfury) + Light of Tyr (after you attack, +8 armor). That’s 10 damage and 16 armor for 3 turns. Now, the 10-mana weapon is a bit greedy, but absolutely insane. If you can play it, your opponent will have to deal more than 16 damage per turn to get through that armor, while you’re dishing out 10 damage to them!

    On the lower side, a Runic Shortsword (1 mana 2/2) + Deceit of Loken (poisonous) makes for a good way to remove 2 minions over 2 turns. You can give that card draw if you need it, battlecry: deal 2 damage if that clears something, or just summon some 2-cost minions.

    Middle of the road, how about Runic Axe (5 mana 3/4) + Hope of Sif (lifesteal) if you’re going face or Spark of Ra-den (immune while attacking) if you’re clearing minions + Genius of Mimiron (after attack, summon 4-cost) to get actually really good stats for turn 5 on board. That, for 4 turns long!

    The diversity possible with this card is there. The potential power is there. All it needs is enough good Forge cards to consistently enable this guy’s ability.


    • Nightfall
      July 10, 2023 at 12:31 pm

      Even more insane, since the 1 mana 2/2 weapon would have poisonous, the battlecry wouldn’t deal 2 damage, but just destroy a minion. Same for the potential AOE deathrattle, it would destroy all enemy minions. That, for 1 mana…