Top Standard & Wild Legend Decks – March of the Lich King Week 7 – January 2023

My hopes of a Constructed balance update coming alongside the big Battlegrounds patch (25.2) were shattered. Sadly we didn’t see any nerfs or buffs at all. Now we know that there’s another patch planned for next week – probably Tuesday, but it’s yet to be revealed. Patch notes also aren’t known ahead of time, but it’s quite easy to guess that Rogue and Demon Hunter will be the main nerf candidates, while Warrior and Priest need the most help in a form of buffs.

There were no real meta developments this week. Rogue (Thief/Miracle) and Demon Hunter (Questline) still make up for almost 70% of the high Legend meta. While some decks like Shockspitter Hunter and (quite surprisingly) Ramp Druid managed to push through a bit, their popularity sits in ~5% range. That leaves ~20% for all of the other classes/decks combined. As you can imagine, that’s the definition of an unhealthy meta and one of the least balanced ones we’ve seen in a LONG time. And I mean LONG time – it’s been at least a few expansions since the last time two classes dominated that hard. I’ve already mentioned last week or maybe the week before that such a stale high Legend meta makes my job much more difficult too. If people play the same two-three decks over and over again, they don’t even share them – because why bother if they’ve already been shared hundreds of times.

Of course, things are better in lower ranks. Rogue is still problematic – but it’s mostly Thief and not Miracle like in high Legend. Demon Hunter is also nowhere to be seen at lower ranks. Maybe it’s because Questline DH and Miracle Rogue are the more difficult decks to play properly, and those don’t tend to get that much traction in lower ranks? Or maybe because combo/burn heavy decks are historically less popular among lower ranked players? It might also be a reason why Blood Death Knight is still more popular overall than Frost despite being a few win rate % lower.

Truth to be told, if the meta at all ranks was as bad as in high Legend, players would quit en masse – I haven’t been playing Hearthstone this week outside of doing daily/weekly Quests (and a few Battlegrounds matches) because the meta in higher Legend is absolutely insufferable (I’m only around Top 500 right now and it’s horrible). But even if it’s not THAT bad, it’s definitely stale – no real developments for the last few weeks means that many players already got bored of it.

I think that waiting until almost the end of January with a balance update was a huge, huge mistake. Pushing even a smaller one with a few card changes early in the month, before Patch 25.2, to make a few shifts in the meta and prompt trying out new things would go a long way. I’m glad that they will look into it next year and will try to do something earlier,

Below, you will find a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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