Fel’dorei Warband

Fel’dorei Warband Card

Fel’dorei Warband is a 4 Mana Cost Common Demon Hunter Spell card from the March of the Lich King set!

Card Text

Deal 4 damage. If your deck has no minions, summon four 1/1 Illidari with Rush.

Flavor Text

"Felerin, I made you a friendship bracelet!"
"...what? I said WARband, not WRISTband..."

Fel’dorei Warband Additional Information

Illidari Initiate:

Cards Relating to Fel'dorei Warband

Illidari Initiate
Type: Minion - Cost: 1 - Attack: 1 - Health: 1

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  1. Cursore1610
    December 1, 2022 at 7:36 am

    Very similarly to “Deal with the Devil”, it’s a very good card for an archetype which I am not convinced will save a class which has been very lacking in the last expansion. The baseline is great and it curves out perfectly with deal with the devil, but then what? How are you going to fill out a deck and make it good without 1 drops? I am not sure tbh, I guess we’ll see, but I haven’t bought into the no minion deck hype yet.