Top Standard, Wild & Twist Legend Decks – Festival of Legends (Audiopocalypse) Week 13 – July 2023

It’s been almost two weeks since the new game mode – Twist – launched. So far it’s been a mixed bag. While players appreciate the general thought, the current format (New Age) wasn’t received very well. I hope that the future ones will be more interesting. At least we learned one thing – it looks like Blizzard will attempt to balance the mode at least to a certain degree. They banned three cards supporting some of the most “toxic” decks in the format – Questline Druid, Questline Demon Hunter and OTK Mage. The meta is still far from perfect, and Questline Shaman is the deck to beat right now, but those nerfs had at least some impact on the popularity and win rates of the affected classes.

On top of the Twist bans, we had one Standard nerf. Death Blossom Whomper is now back to 6 mana (up from 5). The card was buffed a while ago, but it turned out that it can be abused too easily and high-rolling a Thaddius, Monstrosity on Turn 5 is a bit too powerful. Nerfing a single card by one mana point might not seem like a massive nerf, but the deck’s win rate has dropped. It was high Tier 2 before, even contending for Tier 1 at some ranks. Right now it’s Tier 3, not even getting 50% win rate. So I think that they succeeded (even though I’m sad that yet another Druid deck got nerfed).

Other than that, the meta hasn’t changed a lot. We’re entering the TITANS card reveal season so the main focus is going to be on the new cards – I don’t think that we’ll get another balance update before the new expansion. And I don’t necessarily believe that we desperately need one – it’s subjective, but I find the current meta pretty okay. Maybe Twist will need another round of bans, but I don’t think they will do it. By the time they would release a patch with Twist changes, the current format will be nearly over. Again, I hope that they come up with a better one next time.

Below is a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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