Top Standard & Wild Legend Decks – Sunken City (+Throne of Tides) Week 8 – June 2022

Throne of Tides, Sunken City’s mini-set, was released earlier this week. While the first day and a half was tainted by some of the bugs (like double Spell Damage gain from Bioluminescence), we had a couple more days for players to test the mini-set. And while we’ll have a more detailed analysis ready to post tomorrow, it looks like the mini-set didn’t have THAT massive of an impact on the power levels. For the most part, decks that were good before the mini-set are still solid. There are some examples of “new” decks popping up – like Mine Rogue coming out of nowhere despite getting only a single new card, or Murloc Shaman finally looking playable again. But again, we’ll talk about those in detail tomorrow.

Discounting any balance updates, that’s the meta we’re going to see for the next 2 months or so. And do we need a balance update? Honestly, I think it’s too early to say. I wouldn’t mind one 2 weeks from now or so, when things settle down a bit, maybe to shake up the meta. But we’ll see.

Below, you will find a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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Hearthstone Standard Legend Decks of the Week

Hearthstone Wild Legend Decks of the Week


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  1. Nbar23
    June 8, 2022 at 6:49 pm

    I would like to know how the hell, abyssal curse counts to hunter quest progress