Top Standard & Wild Legend Decks – Stormwind (+Deadmines) Week 16 – November 2021

Happy card reveal season! Because we’re in the middle of it (and it has been pretty intense so far), I didn’t have much time to add new decks, so this post is going to be quite empty. HOWEVER, if you’re looking for more Standard decks, Masters Tour: Undercity is currently being played out, and after it’s over we’ll have a full list of Top 8 decks and results. That’s 32 more decks you can try out.

Patch 21.8 dropped on Tuesday and it brought some balance changes. They actually did have an impact on the meta – much bigger than most of the players have predicted. Some of you are definitely going to be happy knowing that Questline Mage is not terrible. It was already only okay for most of this expansion, and right now it’s Tier 4. Its popularity also dropped like a stone – it’s honestly still baffling that a deck so bad has 4-8% play rate depending on the rank, but it’s nothing compared to the 15-25% it had in the past. Other nerfed decks – Garrote Rogue and Aggro Druid – also are less common now, although both of them still seem to be viable – especially Druid, which is still one of the strongest decks (no wonder, the nerf to Razormane wasn’t THAT big of a deal). And players are actually trying out Priest variants after Renew buff (and after Mage is gone, since it was a horrible matchup for Priest).

Now, there is a new clear king of the meta – Questline Warrior. It was already great after the mini-set and with no nerfs targeting it, it’s on the top both in terms of win rate and play rate. Questline Warlock is another big winner of the nerfs, although it’s almost not played at the lower ranks for some reason, despite being one of the best decks in the meta. Other than those, Face Hunter, Questline Rogue and Libram Paladin are looking very strong.

Anyway, the current meta is probably what we’re going to have for the next ~2 weeks. Fractured in Alterac Valley expansion launches on December 7, and maybe, just maybe, it will bring back some slower, Control-oriented strategies. Even though I actually like Questlines and I’m a fan of combo decks, it would be nice to see some true Control decks being viable once again.

Below, you will find a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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