Top Standard & Wild Legend Decks – Showdown in the Badlands + Delve into Deepholm (Week 13) – February 2024

It’s been a very quiet week. No big news, no patches, no meta changes. Because of that, there’s not much to talk about really. The meta hasn’t changed all that much. Probably the biggest change was the slight increase of Control Warrior’s and Rainbow Death Knight’s popularity. But we’re talking about a couple of percentage points so nothing major.

Sludge Warlock is still the #1 deck overall at nearly every rank. Other very popular and strong decks include Control Warrior (Odyn-focused builds, Brann/Reno with Astalor/Boomboss are also good, but not as good), Plague DK and Rainbow DK. And sadly, that’s around 50-70% of the meta depending on the rank (like always, things are at the worst in high Diamond because everyone tryhards to get to Legend so they play the most powerful/popular decks). Because of that, the meta has been really stale, you’re bound to face the same few decks over and over again.

I don’t think anything will change until the next balance update. We desperately need a nerf to Sludge Warlock to open the meta a bit. The only non-Sludge Warlock decks that are popular right now are the ones that have a decent matchup against it. The deck just destroys so many builds that would be viable otherwise but can’t afford to run into Sludge Warlocks all the time.

Given that’s it’s been 2 weeks since the last patch, we might hear about something next week, but I’m not sure if we’ll actually get an update. Besides the balance update, there’s also a lot of big news that are coming over the next few weeks. With the next expansion most likely releasing mid-March, it should be announced soon. Not only that, that set will bring the next Standard year, Core Set changes etc. and all of those things should also be revealed soon. I expect at least some of those things to get revealed within the next 2 weeks. Unless they want to release the next set at the regular early-April slot – then they would have more time to reveal all the stuff. But that would be very unexpected.

Below is a full list of the Legend decks from last week, sorted by the highest placement.

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