Top Standard & Wild Legend Decks – March of the Lich King (+Return to Naxxramas) Week 11 – February 2023

Return to Naxxramas, the latest Hearthstone mini-set, has released earlier this week. I hoped for some meta shifts, and oh boy, I did get them. But maybe not exactly the ones I wanted.

For the first few days fo the mini-set, Evolve Shaman completely dominated. Blazing Transmutation combined with Goldshire Gnoll is just too much. Evolving Gnoll was always powerful, but at least it had a downside of low-rolling sometimes. Sure, getting an early 8/8 was great for Shaman, but often not enough to carry them. Now with Blazing Transmutation, they can simply pick the best option (something like Stoneborn General, Thaddius, Monstrosity or Deathwing the Destroyer). For the first few days, they could even pick Neptulon the Tidehunter, but luckily that bug was hotfixed pretty quickly (you should not be able to Evolve into Colossal minions). And yeah, Evolve Shaman is still incredibly strong, it’s still tier 1 (or maybe even tier 0), but it looks like we have a new contender.

If I had to name a single strongest card in the mini-set, it would definitely be Construct Quarter. While Transmutation is close, it has a more narrow use. You need to combo it with Gnoll to really take full advantage of it, otherwise it’s a bit weak. Now, with Construct Quarter, you get powerful early-mid game swings without any specific requirements. You just take a small minion and turn it into a 4/5 with Rush. Three times. Oh, and since you’re DESTROYING the minion (unlike Dark Transformation), you also get an extra Corpse and it triggers Deathrattles. It means that it’s finally Foul Egg‘s time to shine. This early game combo just shuts down many decks – play Egg on T1, then a 2-drop or two 1-drops, then Construct Quarter on T3, destroy Egg… and you have a 3/3, 4/5 and whatever you played on T2 on the board now. Plus Construct Quarter still has two more uses for later. It’s such a massive tempo swing that almost no deck can win against that.

First, the combo was played in Unholy Death Knight,  which was already a great deck before the patch. And – of course – it worked. However, the deck wasn’t as strong as Evolve Shaman. Everything changed when people put a similar early game package into Frost Death Knight. They removed some of the “combo” or “burn” aspects of it and replaced it with high-tempo early game, something the deck was missing before. And voila – we have the best meta deck right now. It beats basically everything – and most importantly, its Evolve Shaman matchup is basically a coin toss. So you’re 50/50 against the most popular deck in the meta and wipe the floor with many other builds.

Long story short, I expect a balance update next week, probably targeting Evolve Shaman and Death Knights. In case of Evolve Shaman, I feel like Goldshire Gnoll is the problematic card, because the deck was already quite “toxic” before Blazing Transmutation was released. And for Death Knight, the obvious culprit is Construct Quarter. I think that it needs to get the Dark Transformation treatment of TRANSFORMING a minion instead of destroying it (so the Egg combo will no longer be viable and it will produce no Corpses) + maybe reduce it from 3 to 2 uses. If we don’t get a balance update, well… that would really suck given how the meta looks like. Evolve Shaman + Frost & Unholy Death Knights form a tier of their own, and Shaman + Death Knight (including Blood, which is weaker, but still popular) make up for like 60% of Diamond meta.

I also want to address one more thing – the lack of Wild decks this week. Sadly, after the closing of Chinese servers, we’ve been seeing SIGNIFICANTLY less Wild decks posted online. The format is not that popular on the other servers, but it was close to Standard (and sometimes even beating it) in China. Thus, it’s much harder to find Wild decks now. Some Chinese players have moved to other servers, but they’ve been mostly playing Standard for now – assuming they’re on brand new accounts, it’s much easier to catch up in Standard than in Wild. I don’t know what the future will bring, but for now it looks a bit grim for the Wild format.

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