Journey to Un’Goro Guide, Information, and More!

Here’s our essential full guide to the next Hearthstone expansion: Journey to Un’Goro. This guide will feature cards, gameboard art, announcement and trailer video, card back art, general artwork, and more! I’ll be updating this guide immediately following the release of any new information. Be sure to bookmark this page to keep up-to-date!


  • (4-1-17 – 2:45pm PDT): Added Wonders of Un’Goro video and E. Malone’s Journal.
  • (3-31-17 – 4:15pm PDT): All cards have been added!

Journey to of Un’Goro Hearthstone Expansion Quick Information

Expansion Clarifications

I’ve moved all clarifications to this post: Journey to Un’Goro Card Clarifications, FAQs, & Interactions.

Journey to Un’Goro Cards

The list below represents how the rarities are likely to shake out, but as cards are revealed the totals may be different at the end of the day.

Journey to Un’Goro Sortable Card List


Druid Tokens


Hunter Tokens


Mage Tokens


Paladin Tokens

Stegodon is a collectible card as well as the card that spawns from Spikeridged Steed.


Priest Tokens


Rogue Tokens


Shaman Tokens


Warlock Tokens


Warrior Tokens


Neutral Tokens

Adapt Options

You will be able to choose one of three randomly chosen options below (Discover Mechanic).

Journey to Un’Goro Gameboard

Journey to Un’Goro Announcement Video/Trailer

Trailer Card Art

Keep in mind that the cards below aren’t all going to be for the Warlock class. Every trailer in the past has featured cards like this and they are always Legendary and Warlock.

Journey to Un’Goro Card Backs

Pre-Purchase: Fossil Card Back
Name Unknown: Likely a Season Reward

Journey to Un’Goro Lore

Wonders of Un’Goro Episodes

Wonders of Un’Goro is a live action lore-esque video series that will have multiple episodes and follows Professor George H. Doyle on his expedition to the Un’Goro Crater.

E. Malone’s Expedition Journal

Before the Wonders of Un’Goro video series was revealed, E. Malone’s Expedition Journal was released. E. Malone appears to be behind the camera in the Wonders of Un’Goro videos.

Journey to Un’Goro Artwork

I’ve added all of the full card artwork to this post: Journey to Un’Goro Full Card Artwork Roundup!

Official Wallpaper

If you’re looking for more wallpaper check out this post: Journey to Un’Goro Wallpaper.

Un’Goro Crater Lore

If you have never played World of Warcraft, or it’s been a long time since you’ve visited Azeroth then let me help explain to you a bit about the zone.

Un’Goro Crater is a large lush jungle that hosts some unusual wildlife, including and most famously… DINOSAURS. This includes Devilsaurs (basically King Krush), Raptors (basically Bloodfen Raptor), Diemetradons, Stegodons (Stegosaurus) and more! Silithid, which are another group of creatures that reside in Un’Goro Crater, inhabit The Slithering Scar and have been seen in the form of the Silithid Swarmer.

Other creatures include Bloodpetals, Elementals, Gorillas, Oozes, Tar Beasts, and Golems!

So what can we expect from a Hearthstone expansion set in this crazy place? I would imagine a focus on Beasts/Dinosaurs, which should make any Hunter and maybe Druid players excited. Other than that, it would be hard to know because the Hearthstone team likes to spin their own flavor onto these expansions and take them in different directions.

Map of Un’Goro Crater in World of Warcraft

Journey to Un’Goro Leaks/Teasers

Jumping into the Crater

Ben Brode tweeted another clue, showing a World of Warcraft character about to take a leap into the Un’Goro Crater!

Ben Brode Goes to the Jungle

Ben Brode tweeted about making a video on Monday, which in itself wasn’t really news, but the following day he tweeted a picture of himself in-front of a Jungle like area that all but confirmed that we’d be getting the announcement of Un’Goro soon.

Year of the Mammoth Reveal

The Year of the Mammoth was recently revealed and a slew of new information was released along with it. One of the interesting updates was the announcement that there would now be three expansions instead of two expansions and an adventure during the year. Along with this announcement came an image that pretty much confirming a jungle like expansion, and also gave slight clues to the following expansion.

Expansion Name Leaked by Voice Actor

Everyone knew an expansion was coming, but generally we don’t know what lies ahead until we start to see some teasers. This, however, was an unusual circumstance where a Redditor (content and username were deleted, but the comments remain) found a voice actor’s resume that not only contained the name “Lost Secrets of Un’Goro” but also the names of the cards that they voiced: Golakka Crawler, Pteradactyl, Anklesaur, Hydra, and Brontosaurus.

Turns out that Lost Secrets of Un’Goro wasn’t the finalized name as it eventually was changed to Journey to Un’Goro.

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