Journey to Un’Goro Full Card Art Roundup

Early on in Hearthstone, Blizzard used to use a lot of old art that was previously used in the WoW TCG for their cards. These days each set gets a ton of custom and high quality art made specifically for each card. Journey of Un’Goro already has a lot of great art revealed, and we’re just scratching the surface on what may be left to offer. Below you will find as much of the full card art from the Journey to Un’Goro expansion as I can find!

If I missed some art please let me know in the comments and I will add it to the post!

Open the Waygate

Time Warp – Token

Emerald Reaver

Massive – Token

Jungle Giants

Glacial Shard

Crackling Razormaw

Feeding Time

Jeweled Macaw

Raptor Hatchling

Raptor Patriarch – Token



Pterrordax – Token

Sunkeeper Tarim

Emerald Hive Queen

Evolving Spores

Free From Amber


Grievous Bite

Volatile Elemental



Raptor – Token

The Caverns Below

Galvadon – Token

Spiritsinger Umbra

Spikeridged Steed

Amara, Warden of Hope – Token

Tortollan Forager

King Mosh

Queen Carnassa – Token

Cornered Sentry

Crackling Shield – Token


Rocky Carapace – Token

Curious Glimmerroot

Sherazin, Seed – Token

Clutchmother Zavas

Explore Un'Goro

Sherazin, Corpse Flower

Awaken the Makers

Tar Creeper

Verdant Longneck

Lakkari Sacrifice

Nether Imp – Token

Pyros (Token 2) – Token

Liquid Membrane – Token

Flaming Claws – Token

Tar Lord

Direhorn Hatchling

Rockpool Hunter

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