Journey to Un’Goro Card Clarifications, FAQ, & Interactions

With every set that is revealed there comes a lot of questions on the how and why certain cards function like they do. Journey to Un’Goro is no different, this is especially the case with new concepts like the Quest cards and the new mechanic Adapt. I’ll be listing confirmed clarifications on how certain cards work below that will hopefully clear some of those things up.

This post will be updated until the expansion is released, so be sure to check back frequently!

General Expansion Clarifications

  • There will be two Legendary cards for each class, one being a Quest card.
  • There will be five Legendary Neutral cards.

Quest Cards

One of the big features of the new expansion will be the Quest cards.

  • Each class gets one Legendary Quest card.
  • Quest cards show up in your opening hand and you can choose to mulligan them away.
  • Quest cards CANNOT be found via the Discover mechanic, and can’t be generated via cards like Babbling Book.
  • Quests, however, can be duplicated via cards like the new Shadow Visions or Thoughtsteal and can be completed more than once.
  • Quests are considered spells.

Watch Awaken the Makers Being Played

Elemental Cards

The Elemental tribal tag is being added in the Journey to Un’Goro expansion. Along with some new cards being part of it, Blizzard is adding it to 18 cards from previous sets!

  1. Water Elemental
  2. Anomalus
  3. Ragnaros, Lightlord
  4. Lightspawn
  5. Dust Devil
  6. Unbound Elemental
  7. Fireguard Destroyer
  8. Rumbling Elemental
  9. Earth Elemental
  10. Fire Elemental
  11. Neptulon
  12. Al'Akir the Windlord
  13. Arcane Anomaly
  14. Ice Rager
  15. Magma Rager
  16. Frost Elemental
  17. Baron Geddon
  18. Ragnaros the Firelord

General Elemental Card Info

  • Elemental cards will primarily be added to the Mage and Shaman class.
  • There are about 25 new Elemental cards coming in the expansion.
  • Many Elemental cards will gain power if you played an Elemental the previous turn.

New Keyword: Adapt

When you play a card with Adapt it will give you three options from ten total (Discover). There are currently two cards that have been revealed that have the Adapt Mechanic: Verdant Longneck and Gentle Megasaur.

Adapt Options

Curious Glimmerroot

  • “This shows 3 class cards unless the deck started with no class cards.” – Mike Donais

Elise the Trailblazer

Elise the Trailblazer creates a card called Un'Goro Pack and adds it to your deck. Once you draw and play the card it opens a “pack” of cards which adds 5 randomly created cards from the Journey to Un’Goro expansion to your hand.

  • You get about one Legendary card on average per pack.
  • You are guaranteed at least one Epic card in the pack.
  • The cards can be from any class.
  • You don’t get to keep the cards that you opened in the pack!

Explore Un'Goro

  • Explore Un’Goro will replace your entire deck with 1-mana cost Discover cards.
  • The 1-mana cost Discover cards can Discover ANY card!


  • You will only have a choice of Paladin Secrets as Paladin.
  • If you get this card as another class with Secrets, you will only see those classes Secrets (Mage sees Mage, Hunter sees Hunter).
  • If your class doesn’t have Secrets, you will then see Paladin Secrets.

Kalimos, Primal Lord

  • You can choose one of the four Elemental Invocations.

Elemental Invocations

Lakkari Sacrifice

Discarding Six cards while you have the Lakkari Sacrifice Quest active will put a Nether Portal in your hand. When you play Nether Portal you will get an “Enchantment” (Blizzard seemed to shy away from using this word officially) on the board (Nether Portal (Enchantment)) which will spawn two Nether Imp‘s at the end of every turn.

  • The Nether Portal that spawns on your board cannot be removed.
  • The Nether Portal Enchantment takes up a spot on your board.

Living Mana

  • This card actually consumes your mana and turns it into a Mana Treant for each mana crystal consumed.
  • The maximum amount of mana you can consume is seven because you only have seven spots available on the board.
  • You can use Innervate to cast this card, but the mana crystals you gain from it will NOT turn into Treants.
  • You do get your mana crystal back if one of the Treants dies, but if they are silenced you would lose it for good.

Sherazin, Corpse Flower

Once Sherazin is destroyed it will go into its Dormant form, Sherazin, Seed. You can then play four cards in a single turn and return the card back to its normal form.

  • Sherazin, Seed is basically an Enchantment and cannot be interacted with or removed.
  • Sherazin, Seed takes up a place on the board.
  • Sherazin’s normal form can be Silenced which would allow for a full removal.

The Caverns Below

Rogue’s quest needs you to play four minions with the same name which will give you the Crystal Core!

  • Caverns Below works by card name, if two tokens have the same name they will count regardless of if they have different artwork.
  • Crystal Core is just a spell and won’t create an Enchantment card on the board.
  • Once Crystal Core is played all minions on your board, deck, and in your hand become 5/5s.
  • Minions do take damage and don’t permanently remain with 5 Health.
  • Tokens that are spawned by other cards will also be 5/5s e.g., Violet Teacher tokens.
  • Minions that become Polymorph‘d or Hex‘d will become 5/5s.
  • Minions can be buffed after Crystal Core is played.
  • If C'Thun was buffed and you play Crystal Core it will become a 5/5. If you then use a buff card it will receive the buff.
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