Galvadon Card

Galvadon is a 5 Mana Cost Legendary Paladin Minion Beast card from the Journey to Un'Goro set!

Card Text

Battlecry: Adapt 5 times.


Cards Relating to Galvadon

The Last Kaleidosaur
Type: Spell - Cost: 1

Quest: Cast 6 spells on your minions.

Reward: Galvadon.

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  1. Horocrus
    March 28, 2017 at 11:56 pm

    Dayum, if Brann were still available in standart…

  2. BAM
    March 28, 2017 at 8:27 pm

    devolve this or deadly shot

  3. SkullVilet
    March 28, 2017 at 3:52 pm

    Lol, this + brann in wild, you get to adapt it 10 times, lol.

  4. Perpetual Potatp
    March 28, 2017 at 12:50 pm

    If you can choose the same adapt effect multiple times, this could be an 11/11 spellproof, or even better… a 14/5 windfury stealth… I think it will be worth doing the quest, despite how hard it might be.

  5. dontfeedtheemu
    March 28, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    This could be a 5-mana 8/8 with Divine Shield, Windfury and Poison. That’s….not even close to as good as the other quest cards. Also 5-mana 8/8s but with OP side effects.

  6. Colslaughter
    March 28, 2017 at 11:01 am

    Am I the only one disappointed with this card? I was really hoping for some more silver hand recruit synergy or something. I’m tired of the only viable paladin options being OTK style decks like Murloc, or this.

  7. Raemahn
    March 28, 2017 at 9:45 am

    Just ensure you always select Untargetable as one of the Adapts or he is Silence bait. Great card!

  8. mik8s
    March 28, 2017 at 9:24 am

    Should the same adapt option NOT appear twice on the same minion, this would be quite consistently an 8/8 with windfury, divine shield and hexproof for 5. If the quest is relatively easy, I can see it in all paladin decks.

    • ???
      March 28, 2017 at 9:41 am

      or if you could choose the same adapt option multiple times – +3 attack +3 +3 stealth windfury = 28 guaranteed damage
      Where’s your reno now?