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Class: Paladin - Format: Dragon - Type: Midrange - Season: 64 - Style: Ladder

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Deck Import



This is the Mech Paladin deck, the general strategy is abusing the Magnetic mecanic to create gigantic Mechs, which then you can revive with their upgrades thanks to Kangor's Endless Army. Twice because with Arcane Dynamo, you can discover another Kangor's Endless Army, there a total of 8 Paladin spells that costs 5 or more in Standard right so you have a great chance there (37,5%) , plus other spells are useful too, depending of the situation.



  • At the start, trying to draw cards with Crystology, Prismatic Lens and Call to Adventure  and get the most value of Glowstone Technician and Galvanizer ‘s battlecries.
  • Pay attention of which mechs die to increase the chance big mechs get revive with Kangor's Endless Army, the only not magnetic mechs in the deck are Galvanizer and Mechano-Egg so sometimes is useful to upgrade them plus usually is the first mech you drop into the battlefield is Galvanizer for his battlecry. This is the reason SN1P-SN4P isn’t in the deck, it hurts you more than help you, reviving the deathrattle Microbot
  • Don’t go full greedy on one big mech, if it gets destroy isn’t that terrible because you can revive him with all his upgrades but if it is silence or send back to your hand that is really bad for you.
  • The stats buffs don’t get back if the mech is revive alone (not magnetically upgrade) and lifesteal from Lightforged Blessing  is lost when the mech is revive.
  • Sometimes you can choose Blessed Champion , to double the attack of your biggest Mech to get instant lethal instead of choosing an other Kangor's Endless Army with Arcane Dynamo
  • The biggest difficulty on playing this deck, is to decide when to wait and be more greedy or when you must drop for mechs to defend yourself because even Lightforged Blessing can’t get you back in the game.

Biggest Threats by Class in the Meta

Anything that silence, destroy immediatly big minions or transform them.

Warrior: Brawl,Ironbeak Owl,Shield Slam , ExecuteOmega Devastator. Some people also play E.M.P. Operative.

Shaman:Earth ShockHex, Hagatha's Scheme . Arguably the worst machtup.

Rogue: SapVanish isn’t in Standard any more.

Paladin: Spellbreaker,Faceless Manipulator.

Hunter: Ironbeak Owl,Venomizer,Spider Bomb,Deadly Shot.

Druid: Ironbeak Owl,Keeper of the Grove

Warlock: Siphon Soul

Mage: Conjurer's Calling. Other bad match up.

Priest: Any silence effect, Shadow Word: Death,Convincing Infiltrator.


Truesilver Champion: useful against early threats from agressive decks.

Arcane Dynamo: put an other if you don’t have Kangor's Endless Army.

Faceless Manipulator: it is a little bit greedy to put two but give a lot of value to copy a huge mech.

SN1P-SN4P: in “strategies”, I explain why it isn’t in the deck. Reviving the little Microbots is to risky.

Mechanical Whelp : if you don’t have  Mechano-Egg.

Coppertail Imposter : some people put this minion but personally I don’t like because it does not have the “magnetic” mechanic.

Winrate %

First 35 games of the season, winrate of 63%. (Rank 5 to Rank 3)

The winrate of Mech Paladin in general is between 61% and 56%. 

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