Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Standout Decks from Pros and Streamers (Day One)

I’ve been gathering a bunch of decks from Pros and Streamers all day, so I figured it would be a good idea to take a look at which decks appear to be shaping up the best going into day two of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan expansion. These decks are showing the most potential of what I’ve seen, obviously it’s early so nothing is set in stone.

If you want a full list of the decks that were played yesterday, check out this post: Gadgetzan Day One – Pro and Streamer Decks

Standout Decks from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan (Day One)

Not a big surprise to see Dragon Priest on the list, it was one of the decks that had a lot of hype coming into the expansion. It’s especially good right now because of all the Aggro Pirate Warrior that’s floating around the ladder. Sjow posted an impressive 40 – 14 record on stream with the deck.

Watch Sjow Play this Dragon Priest Deck

Another not so surprising addition to the list. The deck can be hard to stop if the Jade Golems start hitting the board, but if it misses out on ramp or the right curve it can get rolled by aggro decks like Pirate Warrior. Kolento went on quite the run from rank 16 climbing to rank 9 with relative ease.

Watch Kolento Play this Jade Druid Deck

A lot of people are on the Aggro Pirate Warrior train, but the deck to maybe watch out for is this Aggro Paladin variant. Dog climbed from rank 10 to 5 with this list.

Watch Dog Play this Aggro Paladin Deck

LifeCoach did a lot of play and tinkering with this deck. I’d say his list is a bit more obscure then a lot of the others I’ve seen. Most players are running Leeroy Jenkins instead of Skycap'n Kragg, and I don’t see a lot of Cursed Blade. Grimy Gadgeteer feels like a strong card to me, it usually gets at least one trigger so you are getting value regardless of if it dies immediately.

You can also check out Orange’s Version of Pirate Warrior for a more “standard” looking list. I wouldn’t be too quick to craft Hobart Grapplehammer, however, that card definitely needs more experimentation.

Watch LifeCoach & SuperJJ Play this Aggro Pirate Warrior Deck

Those were the best decks I saw throughout the day, let’s take a look at some of the interesting lists that popped up.

Mean Streets of Gadgetzan Decks to Watch (Day One)

This is very close to the Tempo Dragon Warrior that was popular for a while. It adds in some pirates for early game pressure, and adds in Grimy Gadgeteer which fits great with all the minions. This could be the more tempered version of a “Pirate” Warrior that isn’t so all-in.

I’m always interested in seeing what StrifeCro is brewing, especially when it comes to grind-y Control Mages. This deck was pretty much preordained once we saw the reveal of Inkmaster Solia. It remains to be seen how well it’s able to do on the ladder!

Watch StrifeCro Play this Reno Mage Deck

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