Best Boomsday Decks – The Top Deck Lists for the Boomsday Meta!

It’s time to take a look at the best decks from The Boomsday Project Expansion. While this post is a bit early, we will be updating it as soon as we notice any decks start to take shape and do well on the ladder! We will be covering decks for every class: Druid, Hunter, Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock and Warrior! This post will be frequently updated as the meta takes shape, so make sure to check back often.

While The Boomsday Project won’t have the impact that The Witchwood had on the meta due to the rotation, we’re expecting to see a shakeup in some of the popular lists on the ladder. With what appears to be a fairly powerful 135 new cards heading into the game, don’t be surprised to see mechs infiltrating your gameboard. The Magnetic keyword is poised to be a standout mechanic for the near future. However, we’ve been wrong before, so we’ll have to wait and see how the meta shapes up!

If you want a look at all of the decks from the expansion from pros & streamers, check out our Boomsday Project Decks post!


  • 8/21/18: This post will no longer be updated, check out our Hearthstone Meta Tier List for the best decks on the ladder
  • 8/13/18: Added more lists, edited the post a bit.
  • 8/11/18: Added Secret Hunter, Odd Mech Paladin, and more!
  • Added multiple new decks (AGAIN)!
  • Added Sjow’s Control Mech Warrior to the list.
  • Added an updated version of Token Druid to the list.
  • Added an updated version of Even Shaman to the list.

The Best Boomsday Project Deck Lists

Here’s where we are listing all of the best performing decks in the early meta. Keep in mind that just because a deck is doing well early on does not mean it will continue to do so. There’s always at least one deck that over-performs early on and immediately falls to the back of the pack as decks become more refined. This just means you need to be careful when crafting if you are on a limited budget, and keep an eye on this page as we will be rotating decks in-and-out as we figure out what works the best!

Best Boomsday Project Druid Decks

Druid has some powerful decks already, and early looks at the expansion seem to place it very ahead of other classes. This is due to the potential power of Flobbidinous Floop and Juicy Psychmelon, which look like they will fit very well into the already strong Malygos Druid.

Boomsday Lists

Druid was thought to be pretty favored as one of the stronger classes heading into the expansion. Malygos Druid seemingly got the most help with cards like Biology Project and Flobbidinous Floop. We’ll see if the meta stays in the classes favor.
Malygos wasn’t the only deck that can take advantage of the Boomsday Project’s Druid mana cheating – Togwaggle Druid is another Combo build, which works very well in the new expansion.
Looks like both of Druid’s strong option prior to the expansion release are likely to continue to see play. Token Druid didn’t need much help, but Floop’s Glorious Gloop and Giggling Inventor are currently making the cut.

Popular Druid Archetypes

Best Boomsday Project Hunter Decks

Hunter has been plugging along pretty well, it doesn’t have top tier decks, but it does have nice options that work well on the ladder. The Boomsday Project brings some interesting options for the class. It got Bomb Toss and Fireworks Tech which could push it back into its very familiar aggro past, but could also go a hybrid mech/deathrattle route as well.

Boomsday Lists

Looks like it’s time for the throwback to old school Hearthstone with Deathrattle Hunter. It’s a pretty competitive list, that largely takes the core from the Egg Hunter that was popular in The Witchwood.
Boarcontrol found a pretty interesting version of Secret Hunter that uses Subject 9. It’s still very early to know if this deck will be good, so I wouldn’t rush to craft the legendary.
Spell Hunter remains a solid deck to take onto the ladder. It didn’t get a whole lot of help in the Boomsday expansion, but Secret Plan makes for a nice flexible spell that can get you out of a jam.

Popular Hunter Archetypes

Best Boomsday Project Mage Decks

Mage is a class that’s struggling a bit, but has had a couple of options prior to the release of The Boomsday Project. The upcoming expansion gives it a potential new look with all of the Spell Damage synergy the class is getting. Hand Mage also has potential. Astromancer is a very interesting card, it just depends if Mage can survive long enough to get deep enough in the game to utilize it.

Boomsday Lists

Tempo Mage is off to a good start in The Boomsday Project meta. It always seems to hang around as a solid list and slowly drops into the mid-tiers. We’ll see how strong this particular list remains as the meta matures.
If you like a more grindy control style of list then Big Spell Mage might be down your alley. It didn’t get a whole lot from The Boomsday Project, but it got enough to keep the deck going into this new meta currently.

Popular Mage Archetypes

Best Boomsday Project Paladin Decks

Paladin had multiple dominant decks prior to the nerfs that settled down the meta in The Witchwood meta. Now it’s reliant on Odd Paladin to carry the class currently, but thankfully for the class it is one of the best decks in the game prior to the new expansion. Boomsday seems to be steering the class towards a mech based deck, but that doesn’t mean you’ll want to ditch your Odd cards right away. A lot of these mechs can fit into the odd archetype, especially the strong 1-drop Glow-Tron.

Boomsday Lists

A more mech focused variant of the popular Odd Paladin.
Odd Paladin, an already strong deck pre-Boomsday, is continuing to see play at the high level. New decks went for some Mech synergies, mainly thanks to the new Paladin’s powerful 1-drop – Glow-Tron.

Popular Paladin Archetypes

Best Boomsday Project Priest Decks

Priest is in a precarious decision leading into The Boomsday Project expansion. It’s kind of hanging on by a thread with Mind Blast Priest giving it one of its few meta worthy decks. It looks like there’s two potential ways you can play Priest with the new cards: Cloning & Deathrattle. It’s hard to say if either is going to be viable, but with the long awaited Quest Priest hoping to make a splash, there’s potential that the archetype finally has enough cards to make it work.

Boomsday Lists

Mecha’thun is surprisingly pretty decent so far in The Boomsday Project meta. While this could just be because of the early expansion glow, it just might be good enough to stick around for the long haul.
It looks like Priest has got access to a new, incredibly powerful combo. It’s a completely new way to play the class, and not a straightfoward combo, so it might take some time to optimize it, but Dog has already proven how powerful the combo might be in the right hands.

Popular Priest Archetypes

Best Boomsday Project Rogue Decks

Rogue had a good early meta in The Witchwood. It had Quest Rogue and Odd Rogue with a sprinkling of the everlasting Miracle Rogue. After the nerfs to Quest Rogue, it was carried mostly by Miracle for a while. However, once the meta shift again, Odd Rogue came back and was one of the top decks leading into the new expansion. Boomsday is bringing the class a lot of interesting tools. Myra's Unstable Element is just a crazy card, and I’m looking forward to seeing what players can do with it. There’s also the combo potential behind Pogo-Hopper that should be exciting to watch unfold in the early days of the meta.

Boomsday Lists

There’s always some version of Miracle Rogue that ends up being good in the early meta, and here’s that list!
Unexpectedly, Deathrattle Rogue seems to be doing quite well this expansion. The deck’s new ways to trigger some Deathrattles multiple times give it a steady mid game tempo advantage, and the late game Leeroy + Cube combo adds a solid finisher.
Odd Rogue was a very popular and strong list going into The Boomsday Project. It continues to be popular now and has gained Myra’s Unstable Element which gives it a way to refill its hand in the later stages of the game.

Popular Rogue Archetypes

Best Boomsday Project Shaman Decks

Shaman had an up and down meta with The Witchwood. It started out hot with Shudderwock Shaman exploding onto the scene in the early days of the expansion, but it did not last and other decks quickly took over. However, it had a pretty consistent deck with Even Shaman, and Shudderwock even came back into the fold after the nerfs! Shaman had some luck with aggro decks in the past, so seeing Electra Stormsurge has raised some eyebrows and turned some eyes towards the powerful burn spells like Lightning Bolt and Lava Burst. The class also got some seemingly strong Elementals, so don’t be surprised to see players experimenting with that tribe.

Boomsday Lists

A theme from The Boomsday Project so far is that strong decks in the previous meta are just able to add a few new pieces and get stronger. Even Shaman is no different, but we’ll see if it continues to be strong in the upcoming days.
Don’t let the negative votes on this deck list fool you. It seems pretty strong and Crane used this list to take the #1 Legend spot on the ladder. This is a bit more minion heavy with an Elemental slant version of Shudderwock.

Popular Shaman Archetypes

Best Boomsday Project Warlock Decks

Warlock was very powerful leading into The Witchwood expansion. It had Cubelock, one of the top decks in the meta at the time, and only got stronger when the expansion was released. Once the mid-expansion nerfs hit, Cubelock was dropped down in power and the class had to move onto the Handlock styled Even Warlock. Zoolock, on the other-hand, was floating around in the mid-tier like it usually does. That was until it got a big boost due to a heal version of the deck catching on in popularity and ending up near the top of the meta going into The Boomsday Project.

With the new expansion, it appears that Zoo might be getting even strong with cards like The Soularium, Nethersoul Buster, and Void Analyst. There’s also the interesting combination of Doubling Imp and Soul Infusion which could make for some powerful combinations.

Boomsday Lists

Even Warlock continues to be a strong deck going into The Boomsday Project expansion.
Control Warlock is sneaking back into the meta, and Meati’s version was doing work for him on the legend ladder. It doesn’t use much from The Boomsday Project, so if you already had the core cards, you won’t need much else to get this deck to work.
Not really a surprise, but Heal Zoolock is likely going to still be strong in the upcoming meta. Rdu has tweaked a version with some Boomsday cards and had good luck at high legend on the first day.
While it’s hard to really tell how powerful a new deck like that is, the fact that a Mecha’thun, card that was seen as merely a meme by most, actually works is already surprising. We’ll see how the deck will defend itself against a more stable meta, but it’s doing quite alright so far.

Popular Warlock Archetypes

Best Boomsday Project Warrior Decks

Warrior has had a rocky road leading up to the new expansion. While it has some a semi-decent deck with Quest Taunt Warrior, it doesn’t have a whole lot of other options. The class could really use some help in the new expansion. It is lucky enough to be the class that gets the one hero cards from the expansion with Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. Whether or not this will be enough to pull it out of the bottom tiers remains to be seen.

Boomsday Lists

Odd Warrior seems fairly solid so far in the new expansion. However, if combo decks to continue to reign supreme, it will start to see some diminishing returns.
Sjow reported some solid numbers on his way up to top 20 legend with this Control Mech Warrior. Hopefully it is here to stay, because Warrior was struggling to find too much to be happy about in the last expansion.

Popular Warrior Archetypes

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