APM Priest is one of the new archetypes that has arisen in The Boomsday Project expansion. It seeks to create a board where you cast multiple buff spells on Test Subject and Stonetusk Boar, then bring the spells back to your hand with Vivid Nightmare. Once you’ve gotten your boar’s health up high enough, you use Topsy Turvy to swap it to its attack and hit your opponent for huge damage. While this sounds simple, it is much more complicated to do in practice.

The deck gets its name from the amount of speed required to sometimes pull off the combo. You’ll need to cast a ton of spells very quickly in certain situations to get enough damage and boars on the board to finish your opponent. The term “apm” is an abbreviation for actions per minute. This was commonly referred to in games like StarCraft where the highest skilled players had very high apm.

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