Top Ranked Standard Legend Decks from Season 26 (May 2016)

We’re moving on to Season 27, but lets take a look at what decks scored high legend ranks at the end of Season 26! All of these decks finished at least top 100 legend on their respective servers. I’ve added the rank each deck achieved, but keep in mind that the number isn’t official until Blizzard releases them in the near future. I’ve also tried to add a variety of decks, because many people got high rank with similar decks so to save you time I’ve left them off the list.

It was a really exciting finish on the NA Legendary ladder. Fibonacci held the #1 spot until about 5 – 10 minutes before the ladder reset. Scottyda (kingoftype89) used JustSaiyan’s Midrange Hunter to take the number 1 spot, which forced Fibonacci to play again. Fibonacci got paired up against wiRer who was playing Malygos Druid. It seemed like Fibonacci had a chance to win, but then this happened: (Adult language warning!).

Edit: I just added Jambre’s Top-10 EU finishing Secret Paladin to the list!

Top Legend Decks From Season 26

This went down to the wire, but relatively unknown player Scottyda (kingoftype89) finished rank 1 legend with JustSaiyan’s Midrange Hunter. It just goes to show that Hunter isn’t going anywhere, especially in a meta that has so many Warrior decks in it!

Rank Achieved: 1 (NA) [Source]

Deck List

There’s a strong Warrior deck for any style you want, you can go Control, Midrange (Tempo), or even Aggro like this Pirate list. This deck is interesting because it contains Alexstrasza's Champion without much Dragon synergy. I guess the dream is to coin out Champion and follow it up with Faerie Dragon.

Feno finished rank #1 Legend on the EU server with Aggro Pirate Warrior and Miracle Rogue.

Rank Achieved: 1 (EU) [Source]

Deck List

The Warrior God strikes again with another version of Control Warrior, but with an N'Zoth, The Corruptor twist. It also contains Chillmaw acting as a strong Deathrattle taunt that will only trigger if you happen to have Ysera in your hand.

Rank Achieved: 3 (NA)

Deck List

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This is a bit of a surprise to me, but SilentStorm has stuck by C’Thun Druid and it has paid off with a rank 2 legend finish! The most interesting part of this list is the inclusion of two Raven Idol which are pretty rare in C’Thun Druid lists.

Rank Achieved: Last I saw he was 2, but then there was all that last minute action. (NA) [Source]  (This screenshot is of him hitting rank 1 legend, but Fibonacci ended up taking it from him.)

Deck List

Aggro Shaman continues to be one of the top decks on the ladder. MrYagut finished #10 Legend on the EU ladder and #4 on NA with Xixo’s version of the deck. Xixo also likely achieved top 50 legend with this deck but wasn’t positive on his result.

Rank Achieved: #10 EU, #4 NA – MrYagut [Source]

Deck List

Tempo Warrior continues to do work on the Legendary ladder. Thijs’ plays a very standard version of the deck, which is not surprising because I haven’t seen much of the version with Arch-Thief Rafaam in it lately.

Rank Achieved: 2 (Asia) [Source]

Deck List

It’s not super surprising to see Warlock Zoo doing well, but the unique thing about Rdu’s list is that he went with double Doomguard rather than the Soulfire + Leeroy Jenkins combo that gained popularity recently. It is up to debate on which deck list is better, but for Rdu it seems the Doomguard version performed just fine!

Rank Achieved: 20 (Asia) [Source]

Deck List

Just when you thought you were safe from Secret Paladin, Jambre created a list that got him into the top 10 on EU. He was also top 10 on NA, but lost a game close to the finish. The deck is pretty light on Secrets, but at least that means you won’t be drawing into them as often! It remains to be seen if this style of Paladin will gain popularity or if Jambre just surprised a lot of people with it!

Rank Achieved: Top 10 (EU) [Source]

Deck List

Midrange Hunter was originally doing quite poorly in the meta, but it has been slowly finding a spot among the stronger decks. NickChipper’s version of Midrange Hunter is a bit different, it removes the commonly found Deadly Shot and adds in N'Zoth, The Corruptor. This deck also contains Bear Trap and Snake Trap which are pretty rarely found in most lists due to Freezing Trap and Explosive Trap being more favored.

Rank Achieved: 8 (EU) [Source]

Deck List

The deck looks crazy, and I believe a lot of us thought Wisps of the Old Gods was a joke card but J4CKIE turned it into a top 100 legend finishing deck. The crazy thing with J4CKIE is that he could have camped at rank 4, but continued to play anyway!

Rank Achieved: 100 (EU) [Source]

Deck List

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    2 Mysterious Challenger with 3 Secrets in this Paladin List. Seems a bit weird.

    • Evident - Author
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      This is how he explains it: “Generally the secrets are not that good early game with a few exceptions. By only running 3 secrets you are less likely to draw them before you play Mysterious Challenger. By running 2 Challengers you are more likely to have a Challenger on t6. Yes, you get the odd game where you draw all your Secrets before Challenger but it is rare. If you’ve already played one challenger the second one is almost a Boulderfist Ogre, which is fine in the late game!”

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