SmilodeX’ Legend N’Zoth Reno Quest Warrior – S51 (June 2018) [updated]

Class: Warrior - Format: Wild - Type: Control - Season: 51 - Style: Ladder

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Deck Import


N'Zoth Reno Quest Warrior

Tech Choices

Vs. Aggro Paladin’s & other Token Decks:

Vs. Combo/Big Priest’s & Giant/Cubelock’s:

Vs. Combo Decks:

How to Dead Man's Hand

Try to hit as much of the following cards as possible:

Most of the time you need more boardclears  or additional removals :

Last Changes

-1x Bash

-1x Plated Beetle

-1x Alley Armorsmith

-1x King's Defender

-1x Slam

-1x Unstable Ghoul 

+1x Revenge

+1x Drywhisker Armorer

+1x Phantom Militia

+1x Rotten Applebaum

+1x Tar Creeper

+1x Doomsayer

+1x Warpath

Maybe Cards

If you’re missing some of the high cost minions, I can recommend adding Gemstudded Golem and/or Sylvanas Windrunner

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About the Author

SmilodeX is a card game enthusiast since he can read cards. He’s collecting cards from different card games and also played Magic the Gathering competetive. Smilo is playing Hearthstone since Naxxramas and had diverse legend finishes (most of them were in the wild mode). His passion is deckbuilding and playing control/combo & midrange decks. His goal isn’t just straight netdeck-meta-grinding, instead he’s trying to reach the higher ranks with his homebrewed decks. To have fun and to try out something new or crazy is his attitude, winning is sometimes insignificant. He’s analysing statistics to work out the best deck techs in current meta, improving different memedecks and matchups to have succcess with them on the ladder.

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