Journey To Un’Goro Patch 27.6 Balance Changes – All ~75 Card Buffs!

In the Patch 27.6 notes, Blizzard has announced that the new Twist format will follow the same Wonders format (not XL), but add Journey to Un’Goro. At first I thought that it’s not going to be a big change, but they have surprised us with a massive round of buffs to cards from the expansion.

The balance changes are actually already live. As in, you can play all of the buffed cards in Wild format. Whether they’re good enough to see play or not is another thing – I think that players will definitely experiment with at least some of them. However, the changes will have a much bigger impact on the upcoming Twist format. I think many of them might actually be playable and lead to some serious meta changes.

But I think that the most interesting part is that Blizzard is not afraid to “update” their older sets to be closer to the current power level. Cards were weaker overall back then – while we had some incredibly broken ones, an average deck wasn’t as strong as it is now.  They already did it with Caverns of Time and now did it again with Un’goro. If they keep doing it for expansions every now and then, at one point all of the old-school expansions might get refreshed. That would be a good thing because ultimately more cards would be playable in Wild (very high power level format). Arena would also be more interesting, because right now if the pool contains both a new and an old expansion, you tend to avoid the old cards because they’re very weak.

Below, you will find all 75 buffs. If a card is not just a straight-up numbers buff, but the change is more subtle or might be missed, I’ll add a note. Do note that the number might differ depending on how you count things – for example, Pyros technically got buff to both of its tokens, but I count it as a single buff. Either way, it’s a massive round of changes.





Note: Queen Carnassa is a Quest reward from The Marsh Queen.



Note: Shimmering Tempest‘s effect is now Battlecry instead of Deathrattle.



Note: Dinosize‘s 7/14 stats are a reference to Ultrasaur‘s statline.



Note: Mirage Caller can now target both friendly and enemy minions (previously it could only target friendly minions).



Note: Obsidian Shard now gets discounted based on non-Rogue class cards you add to your hand, not play.





Note: Feeding Time not only costs 1 mana less now, but it also Adapts the 1/1’s you summon.



Notes: Molten Blade now transforms immediately the turn you get it (instead of having to wait until your next turn). Choose Your Path card is generated by Explore Un'Goro.



Note: Elise the Trailblazer now has an extra Highlander effect (drawing the pack immediately).


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  1. Tally
    October 19, 2023 at 6:28 am

    Lakkari Sacrifice also got buffed. Now summons four Demons instead of two.

    • Strangiii
      October 19, 2023 at 11:08 am

      I think that was mentioned to be a bug.
      There’s no change planned for it.

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      October 19, 2023 at 11:57 am

      Yep, as Strangiii said, it’s listed as a bug and will get changed back so I didn’t put it here. They probably planned to change it initially, but decided not to after seeing how busted Discard Warlock was in Twist 😀