Fibonacci’s Mecha’thun Warrior Guide

Class: Warrior - Format: dragon - Type: combo - Season: season-62 - Style: ladder

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General Mulligans

Self explanatory really. Try your best to get town crier in the opening hand, if you get your rush minions before drawing both town criers it will be a dead draw. Otherwise, it is arguably the best 1 drop in the game right now. 

Versus nomi priest or control warrior do not keep eternium rover in your opening hand, it will not help you cycle and is easy cleric fodder.

Your opening hand is dependent on your win condition for each deck, so mulligan accordingly. 

Aggro Mulligans

Because of word restriction these are the cards you want versus rogue, only keep Dyn-o-matic if you have a 1 drop in hand. Versus token druid or zoo list like warlock and murloc shaman, mulligan hard for 1 drops and warpath. Keep militia commander against zoo for their magic carpet or against shaman for their underbelly angler and war leader. 

Bomb hunter you really want 1 drops if you want to win. If you do not have any 1 drops, feel free to keep weapons project to clear their bombs. You win this matchup by clearing their early threats and saving your zilliax to get you as big of a heal as possible. 

Midrange Mulligans

As of now, the only midrange lists I regularly see are midrange hunter. Whether they be the secret variant or the full beast package variant. 

You win this matchup with your combo so you have to save the pieces. Although this matchup is definitely unfavored (It is especially hard versus the secret variant), it is often times a race to cycle through your deck while praying that they do not find high amounts of pressure with dire frenzy and masters call. If you can live through their pressure and outrace them to your combo before they get zuljin you can pull off the win.

However, always mulligan for bomb hunter because that list is much more common as of right now.

Combo Mulligans

Nomi Priest, you win by drawing a way to clear all three nomis. The cards you need are Brawl, spellzerker+warpath, and malygos+whirlwind. Another interesting fact is that if you keep track of their spells, you can playing an archmage vargoth the turn before they play nomi and his effect will allow you to full clear turn 10 by proccing your warpath for a 6th time. This matchup is a draw matchup, although it is much more reliant on how fast they draw and less on how fast you draw. (ps, always save a way to clear their auctioneer and acolytes).

Control Mulligans

Against control warrior we do not want to get hit by a hecklebot. Dr. boom does not draw us cards so he is not worth keeping in the opening hand. 

Versus control mage, they put to much pressure on to win with the combo. Both of my wins versus them have been by playing everything except mecha'thun to stay alive until the very end. keep shield slams in your opening hand versus them. 

I got to legend this month and last month with this list farming wins off warrior and rogue, so I thought I would write up a short guide. 

Your win condition determines your play style. The win condition is the 6 card combo versus control warrior and shaman and midrange hunter. Versus aggro, it is utilizing every card to stay alive until you can turn the board around with boomship or by playing all of your cards and then dropping mechathun that they cannot kill.

Saving card comboes greedily or playing them out as single cards are the main factors that determine wins and losses. The comboes are Archmage with Shield Block, Weapons Project with Harrison, and Acolyte with Dyn-o-matic or Warpath. Generally, the greedy play will win you the game. If you only have 1 shield block left in your deck, save it for archmage. If you have a weapons project, save it for harrison instead of tossing it for hand space. Knowing which cards to throw out of your hand for space and which ones to keep is the main factor for piloting this deck well. I highly recommend using a deck tracker with this list. 

Versus nomi rogue and priest, you win by drawing malygos with whirlwind, spellzerker with warpath, and your 1 copy of brawl. 

Versus control warrior, try to get mechathun in opening hand to counter hecklebot. If you have the coin, save it along with 1 copy of shield slam to keep an alternate win condition if they run saboteur. If they pull out malygos with hecklebot, your new win condition is boomship + shield slam. 

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