Budget Bomb Hunter Deck List Guide (Saviors of Uldum)

Class: Hunter - Format: dragon - Type: aggro - Style: budget - Meta Deck: Bomb Hunter

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Our Budget Bomb Hunter deck list guide for the Saviors of Uldum expansion will teach you how to play this budget list. This guide includes Mulligans, Gameplay Strategy, Card Substitutions, and Combos/Synergies!

Introduction to Budget Bomb Hunter

While Bomb Hunter is a relatively new build (it only got popular in Rise of Shadows, even though most of the cards were introduced back in Boomsday Project), the idea of an aggressive Hunter deck that snowballs the board dates as far back as Undertaker Hunter in Naxx. Unlike a classic Face Hunter build, Bomb Hunter heavily relies on board to deal damage. You can’t just charge into your opponent’s face every turn – you want to stick a Mech and then keep Magnetizing onto it to deal more and more damage. That’s the snowball part I was talking about.

What makes the deck so good are Goblin Bombs, which don’t really look that scary by themselves. However, since they are 0/2’s that deal damage to your opponent on death, they don’t really want (and sometimes can’t) clear them. If they don’t do it, however, you will keep buffing and buffing them, and at one point either they will have to do it or you will just kill THEM. While this strategy has some vulnerabilities, it can punish slower decks that can’t handle your early game minions quite well and just die by the time they get to their late game power peak.

Bomb Hunter didn’t really get anything new in Saviors of Uldum (no new Mechs it wants to play were printed this set), but it’s still a solid deck and a strong budget option (and just a few Legends away from a full meta deck that is placed around high Tier 2).

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Budget Bomb Hunter Mulligan Guide

Higher Priority (Keep every time)

  • Mecharoo – The only 1-drop in your deck and that’s why you always want to keep it, no matter what. Opening with it gives you the highest win rate, since you start with a sticky target you can Magnetize onto as soon as Turn 1.
  • Galvanizer – While the 1/2 body is pretty weak, the card adds a lot of tempo to your future turns. Thanks to Galvanizer, you can also keep a slightly more expensive Mechs and drop them a turn earlier.
  • Upgradeable Framebot / Venomizer – Two other great 2-drops. Framebot has high health so it’s not likely to be killed, and Venomizer can get some really good trades against let’s say 1/3 1-drops or most of 3-drops.
  • Ursatron – Probably the best Turn 3 play in your deck assuming there are no other Mechs to Magnetize onto. It’s a 3/3, it’s a Mech and it cycles itself on a Deathrattle. What more could you ask for?

Lower Priority (Keep only if certain conditions are met)

  • SN1P-SN4P – Keep if you have some early game Mechs already. It’s not that great if you just play it on T3 (you prefer Ursatron), but the fact that you can Magnetize it lets you snowball. If there are nothing to Magnetize onto, however, don’t keep it!
  • Replicating Menace or Explodinator – Keep with Galvanizer, so you can drop them on curve. They are okay for 4 mana, but absolutely nuts for 3.

Budget Bomb Hunter Play Strategy

The general idea behind this deck is very simple – kill your opponent. That’s your main game plan you’re trying to accomplish ever since the first turns. In order to do it, however, you will need board.

The deck’s main power lies in Magnetize effects. Ideally you want to open up with a small Mech, and then build upon it with a few more Magnetize cards. Let’s say you have Upgradeable Framebot. Then you put Spider Bomb on it and you have a 3/7 on Turn 3. Then 6/8 on Turn 4 with Replicating Menace. Then possibly a 11/13 with Wargear. If your opponent can’t kill it early, it will only get harder and harder to kill. And most of the time, you will stack a few extra effects on it, so even if it gets killed, you still get some value.

Of course, putting all of your eggs into one basket is not always the best solution. If you play against a deck that might run Silence, you usually don’t want to put more than one Magnetize onto a minion. Try to spread your board evenly. Same goes for decks that can run single target transform effects like Hex or Polymorph. You want to make your board as hard to remove as possible, so in those cases, making 2-3 mid-sized minions is the best idea. They aren’t weak against Silence/single target removal, nor they are weak vs AoE.

If you can choose between trading and going face, most of the time you want to do the latter. The deck doesn’t have a lot of staying power, and it runs out of steam in the mid game. Once you get to the late game, you mostly rely on topdecks and Hero Powers, so you want to deal as much damage as possible until then. You can sometimes trade up with your smaller minions, but

When you have Goblin Bomb on the board, it’s the best target to Magnetize onto. Other Mechs can attack anyway – Bombs can’t, so by buffing them you sort of “activate” them. And turn them into threats, which opponent wants to kill, which in turn deal 2 damage to them.

Even though your deck is mostly aggressive, it can still remove some minions pretty efficiently. The best way to get rid of big minions is Spider Bomb. On Turn 5, you can drop it with Fireworks Tech to trigger its Deathrattle and clear something immediately. You can also Magnetize it onto something small (like a Bomb) and hit a minion to trigger it. Another way to remove bigger minions is Venomizer. Again, the best way to use it is to Magnetize it into something and take advantage of Poisonous immediately. There’s also one cool combo with Missile Launcher – the 1 AoE damage to all minions also has Poisonous, so it clears the entire board. Keep in mind that it includes your other minions, only the Venomizer/Missile Launcher will survive. It’s still a great way to come back if you fell behind on board – your opponent ends up with an empty board and you still have a 6/6 that will again clear anything if it sticks.

And maybe something obvious that a lot of players don’t seem to realize – Bomb Toss can go face! You don’t have to target minion with it. In the late game, it will often be a way to lethal your opponent by adding 2 extra damage. However, in the early/mid game, I’d rather keep it for minions to control the board (unless it’s your only play and your opponent has no minions).

Future Card Replacements for Bomb Hunter

Let’s start with SN1P-SN4P. I’ve decided to include him in my budget decks this time around, because he was given out for free very recently – just before Saviors of Uldum. If you don’t own him, however, don’t worry – not everything is lost yet! While it’s one of the best cards in the deck, you can still replace him. I would most likely go for a second copy of Unleash the Hounds. Alternatively, if you don’t face many board flood decks you can use Unleash against, add a Whirliglider or Animal Companion. They might not fit the deck as well, but are still solid.

I’d say that this budget deck is in a rather good spot, but there are still a few upgrades you can make. Here’s the list of card changes you want to make to turn it into a full meta deck:

  • 1x Harvest Golem -> 1x Leeroy Jenkins – Harvest Golem, while being a sticky Mech, is not the best option in this deck (and you have enough T3 plays anyway with SN1P-SN4P, Spider Bomb and Ursatron), that’s why it’s the first card to cut. Leeroy Jenkins, on the other hand, is a great reach card that lets you finish games. Especially against slower decks, you often end up getting them down below 10 and then they stabilize after clearing your board. And with only Hero Power (and an occasional Bomb Toss) as the reach, you might not get there, while Leeroy Lets you close out those games.
  • 1x Harvest Golem -> 1x Zilliax – While it might seem that Zilliax is more of a defensive card, it fits this deck perfectly. Not only it’s a Mech itself, it also has Magnetize. The fact that it gives you Taunt + Lifesteal makes it super useful in faster matchups, while Divine Shield protects your buffed minion from removal or lets you trade into something bigger immediately without taking any damage. It’s an amazing card, and frankly, one of the highest priority crafts right now (so everyone SHOULD have it).
  • 1x Unleash the Hounds -> 1x Boommaster Flark – Since you want to stay ahead all the time, Unleash is not the greatest card in the deck. It comes handy against decks such as Zoo, but lots of the time it’s a dead card in your hand and you’d rather have something playable. Flark, on the other hand, is your big finisher. The best thing about it is that it adds four Bombs onto the board, which means that any AoE your opponent plays now deals 8 damage to them. And if he doesn’t play it – you have Magnetize targets for days, so you will force him to do it at one point. Flark is a great finisher in slower matchups.


A Hearthstone player and writer from Poland, Stonekeep has been in a love-hate relationship with Hearthstone since Closed Beta. Over that time, he has achieved many high Legend climbs and infinite Arena runs. He's the current admin of Hearthstone Top Decks.

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  1. Nightbane2278
    August 23, 2019 at 11:16 am

    What order would be best to add Zilliax, Leeroy and SN1P-SN4P? I have Boommaster Flark and am wondering how to best build up the deck. Thanks in advance!

  2. Towers
    August 21, 2019 at 8:51 am

    that great deck, despite not having received great benefits with the new expansion this deck maintains the aggressiveness that characterizes it, I thank you for this guide that has helped me to understand this deck much more.

  3. Nidnam1252
    August 17, 2019 at 1:53 pm

    “Bomb Hunter didn’t really get anything new in Saviors of Uldum (no new Mechs were printed this set)… ”

    What about Mortuary Machine?

    it’s bad, but it’s a mech 🙂

    • Stonekeep - Site Admin
      August 18, 2019 at 10:49 am

      You’re right, my bad! I completely forgot that it’s a Mech 🙂 Fixing that part.