Spellbook Duel – Tavern Brawl

This week’s Tavern Brawl is Spellbook Duel! Choose a class and then add ten cards (only one copy of each card) from all of the sets to construct your deck. When you draw a card at the beginning of your turn you will be presented with 3 different cards from your deck (Discover). If you draw a card any other time, you are given a spell called Peruse, which costs 1-mana and allows you to discover a card from your deck.

The information in this post is currently of the previous version of this brawl, I’ll be updating for any changes!

Official Description for Tavern Brawl Spellbook Duel

Choose your spellbook carefully, champion! Pick 10 cards, and anytime you would draw a card, you instead Discover a copy of a card from your deck.

Spellbook Duel Tips

  • Milling your opponent does not work. Your opponent will draw Peruse cards instead of cards from their deck.
  • Patches the Pirate will actually come out of your deck and leave you with 9 cards. So he really thins your deck now! You can use Gang Up to add him back in for more Patches action.
  • You can add cards to each others decks. So, a card like Excavated Evil will be added to their deck and show up in their discovers. If you manage to add two of these cards you can shut off cards that require no duplicates to trigger (e.g. Reno Jackson and Kazakus).

Spellbook Duel Deck Lists

Tell us which are the best 10 cards you used for this Tavern Brawl in the comments below and it could be featured in this post!

Martian’s Quest Discard Warlock

Lakkari Sacrifice, Malchezaar's Imp, Soulfire, Clutchmother Zavas, Darkshire Librarian, Silverware Golem, Fist of Jaraxxus, Lakkari Felhound, Blood-Queen Lana'thel, Doomguard

Evident’s Basic Mage

This is not a great deck, but it can get you a win if you play to your outs and generally always go face. If you have Mana Wyrm or Sorcerer's Apprentice you can swap out Chillwind Yeti who is mostly just a filler card. You are generally always looking for Frostbolt and Fireball, especially later in the game. Use Mirror Image to stall and to protect your charge minions. Frost Nova can buy you enough time to draw an out. Always be counting for lethal, and if your opponent heals or runs Reno Jackson then you should just forfeit because you can only really beat decks that can’t heal.

Arcane Missiles, Mirror Image, Bluegill Warrior, Frostbolt, Arcane Intellect, Frost Nova, Wolfrider, Chillwind Yeti, Fireball, Nightblade

Mr Bump’s Astral Druid

Innervate, Astral CommunionLoathebReno JacksonSylvanas WindrunnerDeathwingDeathwing, DragonlordN'Zoth, The CorruptorY'Shaarj, Rage Unbound

1stDestroyer’s Reno Mage

(1) Frostbolt – Serves as either early removal or to stall a big minion.
(2) Sorcerer's Apprentice – Combo with Gadgetzan Auctioneerto infinitely fill your hand back up.
(3) Arcane Intellect – Great for getting those “Peruse” discover cards.
(4) Deathlord – Slowly thin out all the minions in your opponents deck.
(5) Ice Block – Your hero is permanently immune.
(6) Kezan Mystic – Counter any mage with Ice Block.
(7) Loatheb – Frustrates your opponents who are playing mostly spells.
(8) Gadgetzan Auctioneer – The ultimate card draw mechanic.
(9) Reno Jackson – Just an extra card so that you don’t have to play Ice Block every turn in some situations.
(10) Arcane Giant – 0 mana 8/8 minions for huge board presence.

Evident’s Dragon Priest

Power Word: Shield, Twilight Whelp, Wyrmrest Agent, Kabal Talonpriest, Shadow Word: Death, Velen's Chosen, Twilight Guardian, Azure Drake, Drakonid Operative, Excavated Evil

Evident’s Jade Druid

I’m undecided on the Mulch spot. Aya Blackpaw is an option but it’s a bit costly and doesn’t have taunt, which is why I like Jade Behemoth better. I’d also consider Defender of Argus instead of Mulch. Feral Rage will keep you from getting burned out and also acts as removal.

Innervate, Jade Idol, Wild Growth, Brann Bronzebeard, Feral Rage, Mulch, Jade Spirit, Swipe, Nourish, Jade Behemoth

Papasmurf’s Secret Hunter

Alleycat, Arcane ShotCat TrickExplosive ShotFlare (for the secret mages), Quick ShotAnimal CompanionCloaked HuntressEaglehorn BowKill Command

Shane’s Secret Mage

Kabal LackeyMad Scientist, Medivh's ValetCounterspellDuplicateEffigyKirin Tor MageMirror EntityEthereal ArcanistKabal Crystal Runner

moreprime’s Inner Fire Priest

Circle of HealingInner FireNorthshire ClericPower Word: ShieldDivine SpiritLightwellShadow Word: PainKabal TalonpriestHoly ChampionHoly Nova

Spellbook Duel Tavern Brawl Chalkboard

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