Lore of Legendaries: Descent of Dragons

The Descent of Dragons comes to an end, and with it the Year of the Dragon. The Battle of the Leagues has been quite the epic adventure, and we actually can’t say who won the year-long conflict between the entourages of Rafaam and Elise.

What we do know, though, is that – not last because of Galakrond’s Awakening – we still owe you the usual dose of Lore of Legendaries for the current expansion! As usual, the final expansion of the year is packed with rich lore and storylines, and the continuous storytelling only adds to that fact.

Check out our comprehensive summary of all class and neutral legendaries and their storylines in the universes of Hearthstone and Warcraft!


Ysera, Unleashed

Saying that Ysera, Unleashed is a very known character in the Warcraft universe would be a vast understatement. All five Dragon Aspects including Ysera have been an integral part in the history of Azeroth as we know it today. The very unique and powerful fantasy behind every single dragonflight leader has  been persisting through every single expansion, and the new prints of Ysera and the gang want to achieve exactly that as well. 

It’s interesting to note that the story of dragon aspects like Ysera continued in World of Warcraft. We see the aspects defend Dalaran and the League of Explorers in Descent of Dragons; however, “WoW’s  Ysera” in current lore has been corrupted by the satyr Xavius, a loyal commander of Sargeras, and ultimately been slain by Tyrande Whisperwind herself. Looking at this tragic turn of events it’s great so see that Ysera is alive, well and even more powerful in Hearthstone’s universe!

Goru the Mightree

At first glance, Goru the Mightree looks like an exclusive character to the Hearthstone universe. However, there’s a very special WoW TCG card called Goru Thornmane, and guess what – it’s a Tauren Druid card!

Taking the same name for a new Hearthstone card could be coincidence, or an hommage at best – but maybe Goru Thornmane, the destructive druid, turned or has been turned into a powerful treant?

Update: Despite our irresistable fan theory, Hearthstone’s Initial Designer Chadd “Celestalon” Nervig clarified on Twitter that Goru the Mightree and Goru Thornmane are two eniterly different characters.



World of Warcraft players not only know Veranus, they love her. Yes, her! Back during the Wrath of the Lich King expansion, Veranus’ story was explained in the main quest of the Storm Peaks.

She is the broodmother of all blue proto-drakes of the northenmost region of Northrend. She’s also the riding dragon of Thorim, one of the most powerful titan keepers. They both are getting tricked by another very deceptive titan keeper called Loken and are being exploited as powerful raid bosses in Ulduar, one of  the most epic WoW raid dungeons back in the day. During this time, Veranus is turned into Razorscale, its corrupted alter ego.

Eventually, players free Thorim and Veranus to help them in the final fight against Loken and Yogg-Saron.


As it is with most weapons or weapon-like minions, Dragonbane is exclusive to the Hearthstone universe. In modern fantasy universes, ballistae are weapons of choice when it comes to hunting dragons; especially when they use magical homing arrows to circumvent actual storytelling. Don’t get that reference? You’re lucky.


Malygos, Aspect of Magic

Similar to Ysera, Malygos’ story in WoW took quite different turns compared to his new self in the current Hearthstone expansion.

Magic is the essence of the blue dragonflight, and it has been its duty ever since to protect the ancient knowledge around it. However, the use of magic could be learned, and that is how countless humanoids became one with what once was exclusive only to the dragons of the world.

From there on, Malygos wanted to purge every single magic users that wasn’t a dragon. In fact, he believed that all humans capable of magic would eventually cause the downfall of Azeroth. Rumors even say that the most ancient of the five original aspects had been corrupted by the Old Gods, causing him to plan planetary genocide. Thankfully, Azerothian adventurers together with the red dragonflight and Alexstrasza managed to take down Malygos and foil his evil plans.

With the death of Malygos, Kalecgos has succeeded him as the leader of the blue dragonflight.


Not much is known about Chenvaala. In fact, it seemed like a very random named Hearthstone-exclusive elemental. Thanks to the first chapter of DoD’s solo adventure Galakrond’s Awakening we know that Chenvaala has been created by Madame Lazul to hold off the League of Explorers from moving through Dragonblight.

The Amazing Reno

What is there left to say about The Amazing Reno? His rise over the Year of the Dragon has been nothing but stellar. In the end it was his glorious performance as a dragon that saved the League of Explorers and Dalaran from the resurrected Galakrond and the League of Evil.

And while both leagues will most likely see the end of their story with the new Standard year for now, one can only hope that the Reno storyline will get picked up once again in the near future. Not many characters received the “suprise dragon” treatment in the Warcraft universe; and it would make absolute sense to take a closer and more serious look at what happened to Reno in his life as a dragon.

What may point towards more character development is the fact that the Hearthstone’s explorers have been put into World of Warcraft not long ago: Together with Finley and Elise, Reno Jackson has been part of a daily quest in Mechagon, a quest hub that tells the story of the mechagnomes introduced during the current Battle of Azeroth expansion.


Nozdormu the Timeless

Hearthstone players know Nozdormu the Timeless as the aspect of the bronze dragonflight. As all other aspects, he helped defeat Galakrond once and will help once again in Hearthstone’s storyline around Descent of Dragons.

But where is Nozdormu in World of Warcraft?

The better question in this case would be: WHEN is Nozdormu? With the events of the Cataclysm expansion that included the final defeat of Deathwing, all dragon aspects lost the majority of their magical powers as the dragon aspects. We know from the noveal Dawn of the Aspects that all aspects, stripped of power, learned that they can help save Azeroth even without their almighty abilities.

Nevertheless, Nozdormu has learned a particularly special fate during the happenings around Deathwing and the Dragon Soul. He saw into the End Time, an alternative future reality that happened if Deathwing would win the fight against the aspects.

In this not-so-bright future, Nozdormu turns into Murozond, the leader of the infinite dragonflight, which turns out to be the counterpart of the bronze dragonflight. We now know that Deathwing has been defeated, but Nozdormu has seen a version of the future he can’t seem to forget.

Ever since, Nozdormu has been absent, and players assume that Nozdormu works on this self-fulfilling prophecy he witnessed, slowly becoming the mad Murozond and creating the infinite dragonflight. Could Hearthstone’s Murozond the Infinite be the messenger that we will see this storyline unfold in World of Warcraft soon?

Dragonrider Talritha

Dragonrider Talritha may look like your average paladin riding a random dragon – but wait! What do we see? Glowing eyes? Pointy skeleton fingers? Could Talritha be the first undead paladin in the history of Warcraft?

Ever since the introduction of Zandalari Troll paladins such as Zandalari Templar during Rastakhan’s Rumble, Team 5 has been known to foreshadow possible future race/class combinations in World of Warcraft. Talritha could be one of the very first named Lightforged Forsaken, a very special subspecies of undead, resurrected through the combined power of the shadow and the light. The first of their kind is Calia Menethil, sister of Arthas, who became the Lich King.


Murozond the Infinite

We already talked about Murozond the Infinite in Nozdormu’s part of this article, but honestly, there is just so much to tell about this alternative version of one of the most ancient dragons. 

Descent of Dragons supports the claim of a possible WoW content update dealing with the inevitable appearance of Murozond and the infinite dragonflight. The majority of Priest’s DoD set introduces cards with a similar theme like Fate WeaverChronobreaker or Breath of the Infinite.

We all know that the ability to alter time doesn’t suit a linear storyline very well; that is why many community members expect Nozdormu’s return at any time. And now that Murozond is a thing in Hearthstone, we could very well see the infinite dragonflight cause havoc in the upcoming Shadowlands expansion!

Mindflayer Kaahrj

Mindflayer Kaahrj is a creature called n’raqi, which most know as the faceless. They not only serve the Old Gods but seem to have been parts of them once. Often times they’re masters of war and void magic, able to flay the minds of every opponent that gets in their way.

A very arrogant creature named Xalatath once called Kaahrj an “idiotic pustule of N’Zoth”, and looking at the fact that Kaahrj has been trapped by the Kirin Tor and sealed away in the Violet Hold ever since, that might just be true.


Flik Skyshiv

Not much is known about the Hearthstone-exclusive Flik Skyshiv, which makes sense for a kobold rogue.


King Togwaggle had a strong grip around Rogue’s storytelling in the Year of the Dragon, and Waxadred feels like his most bizarre creation. However, this dragon made out of wax still feels like something Warcraft’s kobolds would not only do but absolutely adore. After all, “You not take candle” is one of the oldest memes in the industry!



Nithogg is one of the few storm dragons of Azeroth. Players of World of Warcraft can encounter these dragons in Stormheim, a region of the Broken Isles.

In general, storm drakes have no ill will towards any other races or civilians of Azeroth, as they have sworn allegiance to the titan keepers and Odyn. However, Nithogg and his brood betrayed their kin – because he wanted to become even more powerful than his titan overlords.

Nithogg is a world raid boss of WoW’s Legion expansion, and was known to be quite the heavy hitter during the first weeks after he had been put into the game.


Bandersmosh is another creation by everyone’s favorite swamp witch Hagatha. Similar to good old Shudderwock, its name is an homage to the poem “Jabberwocky” by Lewis Caroll.

The Fist of Ra-den

Hearthstone print a couple of legendary artifact weapons already, but The Fist of Ra-Den certainly takes the cake in terms of design and fantasy.

Way back in the day, a certain titan keeper called Highkeeper Ra received this magical artifact by Aman’Thul, the archon of the titan pantheon. Thanks to this weapon, Ra was able to create the whole mogu race – who called their creator Ra-den – and fight the Old Gods within the Black Empire.

In WoW, the Fist of Ra-den served as the Elemental Shaman legendary weapon during the Legion expansion.


Valdris Felgorge

Valdris Felgorge is a Hearthstone-exclusive character, but still tells a very interesting Warcraft story.

He seems to be a felblood elf; those elves had the opportunity – if you can call it that – to feast on demonic blood, just like the fel orcs did thanks to Magtheridon. Towards the end of Kael’thas’ reign as leader of the blood elves in Outland, he let his most loyal soldiers drink the blood of pit lords. 

Zzeraku the Warped

Just like Nithogg, Zzeraku the Warped belongs to a very special dragon species as well. Once black dragons, the eggs of the nether dragons have been corrupted by the Twisting Nether, turning them into arcane-powered crystalline creatures. 

Zzeraku’s story plays in Grim Batol, a mystical fortress in the Twilight Highlands, where Sinestra, Deathwing’s mate and mother to Nefarian and Onyxia, conducts experiments on him and other nether dragons.


Deathwing, Mad Aspect

There are not many things that are left to say about Deathwing, Mad Aspect. With a total of three different prints, Deathwing is the most prominent dragon aspects of all. 

Back in the good old days his actual name was Neltharion, and he was in charge of the black dragonflight which safeguarded Azeroth’s underground realms. Unlike Malygos, we know for a fact that Neltharion became corrupted by the whispers of the Old Gods. Over a course of multiple events, Deathwing got locked away but managed to free himself, and that resulted in the Shattering which caused the Cataclysm, an event that reshaped Azeroth as we knew it back then.

Long story short: Deathwing may be the most iconic villain in the Warcraft universe, and it wouldn’t be a real dragon aspects intervention without the Worldbreaker joining the battle!


Who would’ve guessed that Ancharrr is, in fact, not a legendary artifact weapon? It’s just an anchor. Powerful, yes – but still a good old anchor.


Dragonqueen Alexstrasza

The last of the reprinted dragon aspects is Dragonqueen Alexstrasza. Yet again, the queen of the red dragonflight has been printed as a neutral legendary, reflecting her storylines with many different allies all over Azeroth.

Her ability to summon random dragons also showcases the ability to unite all dragonflights across the world!

Frizz Kindleroost

Frizz Kindleroost is a Hearthstone-exclusive character and just a goblin that loves dragons!


Most WoW players know Sathrovarr as a former raid boss in Sunwell Plateau. The dreadlord managed to corrupt Kalecgos, the new blue dragon aspect. With the help of the adventurers, Kalecgos managed to defeat Gul’dan’s lieutenant.

Kronx Dragonhoof

Sadly, Kronx Dragonhoof is a purely Hearthstone-based character. Tauren are not meant to succumb to the evil forces of Azeroth, just because their connection to the earthmother is deeply entwined with their personality. 

But Kronx seems to be the exception to the rule – and who can blame him? Becoming the general of the most powerful dragon, wearing a cool skeleton hat – that’s metal, no matter what the boring earthmother has to say about it!


Ah, Shu'ma – the most terrifying of all legendaries! Besides Go’rath and the Maw of Destruction, Shu’ma is one of three “maw” entities that serve the Old Gods in the Dragonblight area. Fun fact: The name of this teethy monstrosity most definitely is an homage to the Marvel character Shuma-Gorath.

Grand Lackey Erkh

We don’t know much about Grand Lackey Erkh. She definitely looks like an ethereal, a group of nomad entities that are mostly famous for the trading. Back when Boomsday Project came out, we saw the ethereals as the number one contender to theme the expansion based on the spoilers we have seen; we do know now that the ethereal symbols were just a hint at Dr. Boom’s whereabouts.

Update: Hearthstone’s Initial Designer Chadd “Celestalon” Nervig clarified on Twitter that Erkh is in fact female. Female ethereals have been introduced to the Warcraft universe during WoW’s Legion expansion, and it looks like Erkh is the first female ethereal within the Hearthstone universe!

Sky Gen’ral Kragg

Sky Gen'ral Kragg is one of the few characters that has been migrated from Hearthstone to World of Warcraft – and not the other way around!

His first appearance as Skycap'n Kragg in the expansion The Grand Tournament cause Kragg to become quite the Pirate meme, and he still hasn’t found a place in Pirate-themed lists; however, his promoted self may just have enough power to appear in future Quest-based lists – not last because Sharkbait, Kragg’s annoying parrot, adds tons of value and flavor!


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