Rushing Mechs

Class: Warrior - Format: raven - Type: midrange - Season: season-60

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Deck Import

So I’ve been testing this on casual. Of course meta decks or even fringe like mechathun warlock beat this. I got no keleseth (ain’t crafting it since it rotates), no grommash no countess ashmore, no akali.

I have experimented with Rocket Boots, had cool moments with Woodcutter’s Axe, and Spirit of the Rhino.

Also learned of the interaction between Woodcutter’s AxeSpirit of the Rhino and Dr Boom . Mechs do get affected by axe and spirit, but not town crier (so I assume not by akali as well).

Unless the opponent high rolled with adapts and huffer/buff *cough* hunter *cough* topdecks I actually stood a chance and even won a couple games while having fun. The spell breaker got included after getting turn-around-ed by some buff-lynessa paladin whom I got to 6hp then got a giant 19/19ish lynessa with divine shield/spikeridge x2.

I would like suggestions to improve it before taking it to ranked 10+. rocket boots where nice card draw too.

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