Recycle Mage (Token)

Class: Mage - Format: dragon - Type: token - Season: season-61 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


Aggro Mulligans

Mind Control Tech is for those wide boards (token druid, zoo warlock, murloc shaman)

Midrange Mulligans

Similar to aggro, you want to try to keep pace with Rogue.  Mana cyclone should be kept if you see a path to play some discounted spells with coin and or apprentice.

Control Mulligans

You need to be keep baiting Warrior's board clears.  This matchup is still the hardest, but with Mage I'm convinced this is the best chance.

Do you like playing lots of cards in a single turn?… Flooding the board with minions?… Having a unique game each time you play?… Tired of token druid and murloc shaman running you down before you get your game started?  Want to out tempo Rogue and play some other class cards just to rub it in their face?  How about getting Warrior to run out of board clears?  Then give this deck a try.  Basically, contend early for board, trade always and look for Witch's Cauldron  to start brewing some shaman spells with all those generated minions and tokens.  Mana Cyclone helps you keep your handsize up.  Still debating counts of Astromancer and Power of Creation.  I have had games where I’m burning cards, and I have had games where my hand count is small when Astromancer comes up.  Power of Creation is obviously always solid, but Astromancer does depend on that hand size.  I’ve currently opted for consistency.  Conjurer's Calling works great with both Witch's Cauldron and Knife Juggler.  I’ve even Shooting Star some of my own tokens in control match-ups or ping’ed them looking for that lethal damage.

Still debating about weapon removal.

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