Token Shaman Theorycraft – Boomsday Project

Class: Shaman - Format: Raven - Type: Token - Season: 53 - Style: Theorycraft

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Lots of debatable additions; however, there’s plenty of board generators in this one;

Unlike with the previous Evolve Shaman, Bloodlust and The Storm Bringer can be searched, making somewhat more reliable to pull off your strategy (fill the board and burst/roll);

The Small Overload spells sound like will have alot of tempo/combo potential;

Witch’s Cauldron is there to take advantage of the Rush elementals. Might get replaced.

No idea about teching yet as there is no format.


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  1. Norwaystyl
    August 2, 2018 at 1:13 am

    I like the idea of the comment, but I’d rather replace Kalimos by Hagatha which has somehow more value.
    Also I don’t like beakered lightning as 2 overloaded mana for 1 damage also on your minions is not great (especially because we have 1-HP tokens). Maybe consider replacing this with Earthen Might that has strong synergy with these tokens as they are elementals 🙂

    • LuKeAA - Author
      August 2, 2018 at 1:34 am

      I appreciate the feedback; originally I intended to use Beakered Lightning as a tech with Thalnos but that’d be better off in an Overload Shaman alongside Thalnos or a Spell Damage rolled Totem;

      Earthen Might or more small Overload Spells are according to preferences I guess, as is Kalimos vs Hagatha; Shudderwock might also be an option as it makes for a potential 9 Mana 8/8-16/16-24/24 depending on when Thrall kicks off. Kalimos has synergy with Elementals, can provide a Board with the 1/1s (mind removals), Heals, Boardclear, Face damage; Hagatha relies on the resources you didn’t use yet by turn 8, which is why I didn’t include her and opted for the Witch’s Cauldron instead.

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