[SoU] Quest + Reborn + ressurect + King Phaoris buid on RoS Ressurect Priest

Class: Priest - Format: dragon - Type: big - Season: season-65 - Style: theorycraft

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

early game might be hard 

Almost always drop Vargorth on 3+ coin or 4 turn - it will get ressurected anyway

Penance as early removal/heal

wraith for early sticky taunt

mass hysteria - keep for aggro or conj. mage

The deck combines  mechanics that are complementary to each other. It is based on  RoS wall ressurect Priest that had seen some play. 

The Cards:

1)  Activate the Obelisk – at first it might be seen as overkill in this deck BUT

    a) it lets you get that 3-6 more health on a minion to combo with Inner Fire +Divine Spirit in late game

    b)its massive tempo in mid/late  game

    c) completition of the quest is supported by 2xDivine Hymn  which can be comboed with Archmage Vargoth  for a 1 turn completition of the quest  (6 mana heal face for 12 hp). Second support spell is Penance for 3 hp to face and early removal of pesky low drops

    d) can be comboed with  Zilliax for  6/5  

2) Power Word: Shield – best classic priest spell to combo with  IF+DS and early  minioon buffing + much needed draw

3) Inner Fire+Divine Spirit – obvious combo finisher to play in late game or mid game when there is a high health minion on board. 

4)Divine Hymn – quest synergy and much needed survival to be able to reach late-game. Can be comboed with Archmage Vargoth for sweet  12 heal to face and minions. Also  its a great  synergy for IF+DS combo as you can heal a minion that is left on board to full health and finish the game

5)Penance – early game control card + quest support – need to see how it behaves in this deck, might be changed to Forbidden Words or something else (Psyhopomp maybe?)

6) Bone Wraith – i think its a sleeper of the expansion – another Tar Creeper but more stickier and much needed early game minion 

7)Mass Dispel – an amazing card when facing mechs/deathrattles/buffed minions. Depending on the meta I might add a second copy of this 

8)Shadow Word: Death – hard removal for those annoying Giants…

9)Seance – a spell to combo with Catrina Muerte as it worked really well back in RoS this way. Also usable on second Zilliax or even King Phaoris if it survives a turn

10)Zilliax Best neutral Legendary – fits evrywhere 

11)Damaged Stegotron amazing to pull from Catrina Muerte or Mass Resurrection or even with Divine Hymn . Helps completing the quest. IF+DS target

12)Khartut Defender – its a taun and has reborn so its sticky also potentialy heals face for 6, A fine target for Catrina Muerte as one hard removal doesnt kill it. Time will tell how this performs . Great target for your buffed hero power

13)Catrina Muerte – wiith so many taunts its an amazing card – when it sticks its a solid target for IF+DS combo. Worst case scenario is to pull Archmage Vargoth out so both can die easly

14)Mass Resurrection –  ressing dat Archmage Vargoth with some sticky taunts or stegotron is amazing

15)Plague of Death – press this to reset the board of 9999+ giants or other massive threats and then proceed to make your own massive board next turn with Mass Resurrection or  King Phaoris.

16)King Phaoris  i find this legendary amazing and i think that people are not giving it the attention it deserves. Coupled with any mix of Plague of Death Mass Resurrection Mass Hysteria Mass Dispel in your hand it may win you a game as 9 mana minons can roll super high 

To summ up the chosen cards the flex spots from worst to best: Penance Bone Wraith Khartut DefenderPenance  Khartut Defender  Bone Wraith  –  must see how these behave. On a massive plus side from what i saw ressing  a minion with reborn will always give the minion with reborn activated – might be wrong on this thought.

Possible additions would be : Psyhopomp, Emb. Ritual, another copy of Mass Dispell, M. Enfoncer if the reborn minions will be lucklaster and lastly Injured Tol’vir for early game

The deck might have a hard time vs super aggresive decks (like RoS token druid) or the shaman class in general as it is either super aggresive murlocks or control with frog and that new plague spell which totaly destroys half of this deck

Lel me know what you think of the deck!

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