Class: Hunter - Format: dragon - Type: midrange - Season: season-65 - Style: fun

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Deck Import


The plan is to keep as mush as Secrets on board, that give you more value, also make the opponent not confident att all playing around the Secrets.

Drawing both of Secretkeeper and Sunreaver Spy on early rounds will be the jacpot.

Hyena Alpha Baisecly your hero on this Deck, as i said before you also cast Dire Frenzy on it for more Hyena Alpha with better stats line, you can put too mush presure with this card alone but it also need a condition you must keep Secrets on hand.

I put 6 Deferent Secrets on this deck to gain mush posible Value from Subject 9 , each Secret has job to do so you must always be smart to play your Secrets.

Masked Contender is realy one of the best cards in your deck, it will give you 3 Secrets, to pick one to fit great with your setiation.

Hunter's Mark in decks to clear the big dudes or Taunt minions, since people start playing with big dudes.

You can use Dire Frenzy also on Unleash the Beast for more value or late games versus Control Decks, or Quest Priest.

And the main event of course, Zul'jin is card that you need to play late or just if you had to play it to survive , it will give too mush value also “recast your spells” fill your hand with bunch of cards summen minions in boards and also shuffle extra cards in your deck wish is great in late games.

Enjoy it.

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