Rafaampage Heroic Boss Deck List – Galakrond’s Awakening Chapter 4

Class: Priest - Style: adventure-mode

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Deck Import

This fight is brutal. Reno burns your face off with all his bonus spells like a maniac, and his 50+30 health pool makes burn strategies almost worthless. We wanted to make sure we include a Standard deck for this one, but this encounter is so tough most OTK decks also struggle to get over the line. However, as it happens quite often with random spells, Reno does have a tendency to fatigue himself even with the re-shuffle cards like Roaring Torch and his special Treasure equivalent in play. Astonishingly enough, Resurrect Priest can get you over the line with this one – just get ready for a grueling and difficult encounter where RNGsus can easily force a restart. Double Grave Rune gives you that little extra juice needed to finally stick a board when it matters the most, and the upgraded Hero Power from the Quest will keep you alive. Eventually. It may take a few tries.

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