Hakkar Paladin

Class: Paladin - Format: dragon - Type: control - Season: season-62 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import

Why Barista Lynchen? To copy Baleful BankerHigh Priest Thekal and gain more value/health.

Why Baron Geddon? That in mage with Jaina DK was insane, and now with Lightforged Blessing, are the same thing, and are a lot of aggro decks in the actual meta.

Why Prince Liam if we have Archivist Elysiana? The idea is not lose the value until the match continue, inclusive before 40 turns, with Liam we have Legendaries (Only recive damage with the Corrupted Bloods to duplicate the legendaries, inclusive draw cards before cast Time Out!).

Why The Glass Knight if are a tempo card? Having Lightforged Blessing, you can make a infinite Divine Shield while you still with under 30 health, because when it deal damage, it heal you and restore the D.S.

Why Holy Wrath? Having Baleful Banker and Shirvallah, the Tiger in one deck, is always a good option, in some match-ups you need damage, you can do this combo, and if not, isn’t a bad card.

What change? If you fight with a lot of token druids, maybe Pyromancer and Equality are a good option, any legendary are so necesary, you can play that without the combo Hakkar, the SoulflayerPrince Liam, without Barista Lynchen, without Baron Geddon, and a lot of other legendaries, you can play that like a Heal Paladin or a Tempo Paladin changing some cards

Is that deck good? Nop, in the current meta, if you don’t play Mech Paladin, is better not play paladin, so slow but, if you can do the combo, are so fun and the epics matchs are secure. Let’s make Paladin great again!

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