[70%WR Rank13-08] This fukking Board is mine!-Warrior

Class: Warrior - Format: Raven - Season: 54

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Deck Import


In this mid Range of Ranks, you face many Odd Rogues and Zoo Warlocks.
To counter These Decks I created this Tempo style of Warrior and I was very surprised how good it works.

To AOE Dammage you have Blood Razor Whirlwind Mossy Horror and the best Card ever Dyn-o-matic .

You can younter single Targets very good with your rush minions Kor'kron Elite Militia Commander Darius Crowley .

Also, you benefit from damage yourself with Whirlwind Blood Razor Frothing Berserker Blackhowl Gunspire Scourgelord Garrosh .

And Minions like Frothing Berserker Festeroot Hulk  can grow very fast.

So this is of course not a Tier 1 deck, but if you face many Rogues and Warlocks, this is a very fun deck to win with.

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