Top Finishing Standard Legend Decks from Season 33 (December 2016)

Happy New Years everyone! If you’ve made it one of your resolutions to make it to Legend then these decks might help you get there. I also want to give props to all of the hardworking pro players that stayed grinding the ladder until midnight for a chance to qualify for the Winter Championships.

The ranks listed were provided by the players and aren’t official until Blizzard releases them.

Top Legend Decks from Season 33

I will be adding more decks throughout the day if they are released.

Shaman continues its run of dominance on the ladder with Aggro Jade Shaman looking like the currently best deck in the game. Midrange Shaman had a long reign, but now its aggro counterpart has taken its place.

Likely Rank Achieved: Top-10 Legend [Source]

I see a lot of negativity towards Control Warrior. Yes, the deck loses to Jade Druid, but when you aren’t seeing a ton of that and you are fighting against Aggro Jade Shaman on the ladder, Control Warrior is a solid choice right now.

Likely Rank Achieved: Top-25 Legend [Source]

Although Aggro Jade Shaman has taken its place as the top aggro deck in the game, it still appears that Aggro Pirate Warrior is a force to be reckon with! GameKing’s version of the deck includes Grimy Gadgeteer which saw play in the early versions of the list.

Likely Rank Achieved: Top-25 Legend [Source]

Fr0zen is a long time high finisher with Renolock, and Season 33 was no different. Renolock appears to be in a bit of a transition from utilizing the Leeroy Jenkins/Faceless Manipulator combo to this more controlling/defensive version of the deck.

Likely Rank Achieved: Top-50 Legend [Source]

If you’re looking for a solid deck to run on ladder it’s hard to go wrong with Dragon Priest. It has a good matchup against both Aggro and Midrange Shaman and can beat Dragon Warrior. It helps that the new Drakonid Operative is one of the strongest cards in the game.

Likely Rank Achieved: Top-100 Legend [Source]

Reno Mage was originally thought of as a weak deck in the early stages of the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan meta. It has, however, made a big comeback now that Jade Druid sees very little play.

Likely Rank Achieved: Top-100 Legend [Source]



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