Aggro Pirate Warrior Deck List Guide (March 2017, Standard) – Season 36

This Aggro Pirate Warrior guide will teach you how to play the recently popular Warrior deck from the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan. It uses aggressive minions with Weapons and Weapon synergy to generate a lot of early game pressure to defeat your potion. Our Aggro Pirate Warrior guide includes Mulligans, Gameplay Strategy, Card Substitutions, and Combos/Synergies!

Update – Aggro Pirate Warrior March 2017, Season 36

The nerfs are here, and while they took down Aggro Shaman, they did nothing but strengthen Aggro Pirate Warrior! The deck is still too strong with all of the early game cards and powerful weapons. The meta might have slowed down a bit, but Aggro Pirate Warrior is keeping all decks honest. Small-Time Buccaneer has been mostly replaced by cards like Naga Corsair, Acidic Swamp Ooze, and/or Bash. I’ve decided to go with Sjow’s version of the deck that runs Naga Corsair.

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Starting Out Tips

First, don’t just throw a minion down on your first turn and immediately pass the turn. I can’t tell you how often I would absentmindedly do this while Patches the Pirate would be shot out of a cannon and make me feel like a fool. This is an aggressive deck, but it doesn’t mean you have to play every card at lightning speed! Another card that tripped me up in the beginning was Bloodsail Cultist. For some reason I thought it buffed a weapon if you had a weapon equipped, unfortunately for me it requires that you have a Pirate on the board. Also, remember that Sir Finley Mrrgglton is not a Pirate and is a Murloc! Hopefully these couples of tips will save you some of the embarrassment I originally went through.

Heroic Strike does not combo with Bloodsail Raider.

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Why is Patches the Pirate Good?

I see this question a lot so I’d like to address it. Patches is a minion that lands on your board for free the majority of the time unless you get him in your first draw or mulligan. Think of it as starting the game off with a 1/1 minion already on the board, and a deck that has 29 cards in it. A thinner deck enables you to draw more reliably. Also, starting off with a 1/1 minion on your board for free gives you a pretty nice advantage. Patches is also a Pirate, which in a Pirate synergistic deck means you’ll be able to enable cards like Bloodsail Cultist more easily on curve.

Think about this first turn on The Coin: N'Zoth's First Mate, The Coin, Patches hits the board, you play Southsea Deckhand. You get a 1/3 Weapon, two 1/1s, and a 2/1 on turn one. That’s a pretty crazy first turn and is difficult for your opponent to deal with.

Aggro Pirate Warrior Mulligan Guide and Strategy

First thing is, you always want to throw back Patches. Let him come out for free, that’s the whole reason to have him in your deck. N'Zoth's First Mate, Sir Finley Mrrgglton, and Southsea Deckhand are what you want in your hand. Fiery War Axe and Bloodsail Raider are also kept cards, if you have the Axe you can consider keeping Dread Corsair since he will only cost 1, or even zero if you have something like Upgrade! in your hand. Speaking of Upgrade!, this is also a card to consider keeping if you already have a Fiery War Axe or N’Zoth’s First Mate in your hand.

What Hero Power Do I Choose with Sir Finley?

Warlock, Hunter, and Druid are going to be the best ones to keep. Warlock’s gives you the ability to draw more cards because this deck has a tendency to run out at around turn 5 – 6. Hunter represents free damage, and that’s mainly what this deck is all about. Druid will buff your weapons and allow you to trade or deal more face damage. I’ve taken Rogue in a spot or two where I didn’t have a Weapon in hand and I had Weapon synergy cards. The Mage Hero Power also works as a way to remove minions while preserving your own.

Aggro Pirate Warrior Matchup Win Percentages

Here’s a look at how Aggro Pirate Warrior stacks up against other decks in the meta. Thanks to Metastats for allowing us to provide these statistics!

Winrates provided by Metastats

Aggro Pirate Warrior Play Strategy

Pressure and damage to the face is the name of the game with this very aggressive deck. Now, that doesn’t mean you should send every Weapon charge to the face, in fact the Weapons are normally better used for keeping their board relatively clean while your fragile minions continue to punish your opponent. You want consistent and repetitive damage with your minions, but trading away a couple 1/1s to preserve a larger minion on your board is usually the correct play.

Using your Weapon charges also greatly depends on what you have in your hand. If your hand is clogged with Weapons then you should be more readily using up the charges. This is especially the case with N’Zoth’s First Mate’s weapon, you are going to have stronger weapons to get to in the later game so it can be best to use it up while you can.

In Aggro matchups, you want to make trades as efficiently as possible so you are dictating the terms. You’ll only go hard to the face when you make your final push for lethal. Aggro decks have a hard time coming back into the game. In the Pirate Warrior mirror, they won’t be able to draw into many cards unless they get the Warlock Hero Power from Finley. If you are playing against Aggro Paladin, then you’ll have to be cautious of how many cards you have in your hand due to Divine Favor. In these Aggro matches, you can pretty much flood the board as quickly as possible because there’s rarely any AOE issues. You do want to be careful about equipping a Weapon and just passing the turn, however, a lot of decks are running Acidic Swamp Ooze.

Control matchups are the times where you can’t really afford to make trades. You need to pressure them and force them to keep playing on the back foot. If they are able to eliminate your early threats you’ll have a hard time coming back in the game unless you find yourself able to build up a large damage combo with Mortal Strike and Leeroy Jenkins.

An interesting bit of strategy revolves around your Hero Power and Mortal Strike. If you are in a tight spot and you are hoping to sneak out a lethal and aren’t overly pressured, then it might be best not to armor up. If you can get to 12 Health without dying, you might just able to squeak out a victory with a top deck or in hand Mortal Strike. Also, you might want to use the “Oops” emote to appear like you accidentally missed your Hero Power. This won’t always work against a clever opponent, but it can sometimes keep them from suspecting something is up!

Aggro decks test your ability to understand how to play your hand. You’ll have to learn how to judge when it’s time to go all-in, and when you should trade. If you are against the ropes, then it’s best to just throw it all on the board and see if they can answer it. If they have the answers, well you were probably going to lose anyway. On the other hand, you’ll win some games you had no business winning because they didn’t have the cards to stop you.

Aggro Pirate Warrior Card Substitutions

  • Patches the Pirate – This card might be here for the long haul, if you have the dust you should strongly consider crafting it. You can get away with an Argent Horserider instead.
  • Sir Finley Mrrgglton – This is a really powerful card in this deck because your Hero Power is pretty weak most of the time. Argent Horserider is a good option here (2x if you don’t have Patches).
  • Leeroy Jenkins – This is a very solid finisher and it can fis in Renolock when paired with Faceless Manipulator. Leeroy is also a solid craft because he won’t rotate out of Standard (unless he’s added to the Hall of Fame, in which case you’ll get full dust back). You can try Reckless Rocketeer or Skycap'n Kragg if you happen to have him.

Aggro Pirate Warrior Combos and Synergies

That first turn N'Zoth's First MatePatches the Pirate, The Coin, with Southsea Deckhand is an awesome combo that gives you an impressive board state.

When playing with Dread Corsair remember that if you have one mana left and a Fiery War Axe equipped you can use Upgrade! and make the Corsair cost 0-mana.

Always keep an eye on your life total for Mortal Strike. You might be able to bash a taunt minion with your face to get down passed 12 Health which will enable Mortal Strike to do more damage and maybe find lethal.

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Dust Cost: 6,700
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