How-to Beat Princess Talanji Guide – Rumble Run – Tips & Tricks, Shrines, Decks, Teammates

Princess Talanji is one of the nine bosses you will face in the Rumble Run! Learn some tips and tricks on how-to defeat her, a list of her shrines, and the cards she’ll be using to try and take you down!

How Rumble Run Bosses Work

In the Rumble Run, you will face eight different bosses out of a total of nine. Why is it eight? Because once you pick a shrine, you will not fight against that team/class. So, if you pick a Shaman Shrine, you will not face off against the leader of the Krag’wa’s Frogs, Zentimo.

These bosses will be thrown at you at random. Each time you play, you will face a different order of bosses. That means the difficulty of each boss varies depending on what position you face them. If you fight them early on in the Rumble, they will be a lot easier than they would be if you faced them last.

Princess Talanji

Princess Talanji is the leader of the Priest team called Bwonsamdi’s Zombies.

Masters of Death. Spooky, unsettling, and eerie, this team sends a chill down the crowd’s spine.  Bwonsamdi’s the Loa of the Dead, and a team devoted to him is just as creepy as you’d expect. They’re known for raising the dead and making dangerous bargains.

Princess Talanji’s Shrines

Each time you face Princess Talanji she will be using one of the following Shrines. These are the same Shrines you will get the option of using when you start up a new run.

Princess Talanji’s Shrines

Princess Talanji’s Cards

We’ll add more possible cards in the future, but these are some the unique to Rumble Run cards you will be playing against! Remember that Princess Talanji’s deck differs with the starting shrine!

Healing Deck:

Deathrattle Deck:

Spell Deck:

How-to Defeat Princess Talanji – Tips & Tricks

  • Princess Talanji’s deck revolves around synergies based on the shrine she has summoned on turn one.
  • No matter how strong the shrine: Always remember when a shrine returns to life – you should be prepared to deal with it once that happens.
  • Bwonsamdi's Tome The deck Talanji plays with this shrine revolves around duplicating spells and minions. It can create lots of value early to a point where you can’t catch up. Take the shrine down as early as possible!
  • Bwonsamdi's Covenant: With this shrine, Talanji will play a deck full of heal minions and spells. This shrine shouldn’t harm you in the early game. Go face early, value trade in the later stages of the game!
  • Bwonsamdi's Sanctum. The deck for the third shrine contains deathrattle synergy. Take it down if there are lots of Deathrattle minions on the board!
  • Talanji is a Priest after all. Try to establish an early board lead and go face as much as possible!
  • You can also try to out-value Talanji in longer games. Never forget to deny as much value as possible by clearing shrines regularly.
  • Watch out for Potion of Madness, because it can destroy your shrine for only one mana (shrines cannot be taken on another side of the board). Holy Water can ruin your plan as well if Talanji returns YOUR shrine back to HER hand.
  • In the later stages of the game, Talanji has tons of board removal across all three decks. Don’t overplay the board if you have a lead so that you can refill the board in case of removal.


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