Grandmasters 2022 Season 1 Results, Winners’ Decklists, Three Players Qualified To Hearthstone World Championship 2022

Grandmasters 2022 Season 1 is now over and with that we know the first three players who qualified for this year’s Hearthstone World Championship. The event has been played over the previous four weeks, with playoffs happening last weekend. Everyone tried their best because only the winner of each region qualified for the most important event – Worlds.

Other players will still have a chance during Grandmasters’ Last Call and Seasonal Championships, but it will now be much more difficult (since Last Call will only have 1 slot, while in Seasonal Championship they will have to compete against a much wider range of players).

Anyway, here are the final results and line-ups of each winner. Ultimately they ended up being very similar. We have three Beast Druids and Buff Paladins (brought by all players), two Face Hunters and Questline Rogues (brought by 2 players), and then two different Priest decks – Shadow and Rally. Find all of the decks below:





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