Token Mech Hunter ft. Vault – Saviors of Uldum – 2019

Class: Hunter - Format: dragon - Type: token - Season: season-65 - Style: ladder

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Deck Import


This is a variation of a deck that Dog played on day 1 (but he quickly trashed the idea after a single loss…). The hunter mech package already has a lot of token generation, making it ideal for completing the vault quest. The main goal in early game is to control the board while summoning as many tokens as possible. Once the quest is completed, flood the board with tokens and use the hero power. Your opponent will be forced to use aoe removal or trade in order to avoid lethal. Keeping a deathrattle up will ensure you always have some tokens after a clear.

I am currently 70% win rate with this deck. However most if my losses were due to no fault of the deck.

I’ve included Cult Master as a excellent draw mechanic while you have tokens on the board and Venomizer and Missile Launcher are added to control a giant board (I haven’t come across these recently but I’m keeping it for when the meta settles).

I have beaten control warrior, token druid, battlecry shaman and others with this deck. If piloted well, it can prove a challenge against meta decks!

I’m always up for suggestions and stories of you successes (and failures) with the deck. Post any such thing in the comments!

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