The Wanderer Heroic Boss Deck List – Galakrond’s Awakening Chapter 3

Class: Priest - Style: adventure-mode

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There are many ways to defeat these Auto-Attack encounters, and for better or for worse, you’ll have a chance to test all your strategies across the many such bosses sprinkled across this wing. The Wanderer boss is basically identical to The Slipstream from The League of Explorers’ side of things (both have the usual extra Health and a one-cost Hero Power), and you can use either featured deck to beat the Heroic encounter on both sides of the story. For fun (though it is admittedly a question of taste), we recommend a slightly adjusted Quest Resurrect Priest for this one: the AI will have no qualms about enabling a quick Quest completion, and once you stick a resurrected board or a buffed Batterhead, you will have a fantastic time. Just make sure you use your removals aggressively up until that point: they won’t be necessary once your minions come online. (If you’re having trouble with the bombs shuffled into your deck, make sure to keep Breath of the Infinite in your opening hand, or toss in an Archivist Elysiana as a stopgap solution like we did for the featured build!)

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