Dinomancer Warlock

Class: Warlock - Format: Raven - Type: Control - Season: 51 - Style: Ladder

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Deck Import


General Mulligans

For this deck in particular is more important not having specific cards rather than having others. So dont overmulligan for the cards you want. Deathwing its just there to represent that you may want to have a pair of big minions early on for the discards.

As i said the cards that you dont want are, umbra, cube and guldan.

Aggro Mulligans

As for most of the greddy decks, playing to an agro means you need to forget your combos, go for the board.

Midrange Mulligans

you wont be as pressed from a midrange like from an aggro, but you may still want to win the board.

Combo Mulligans

This is not your hardest match up, but charges are very useful. If things go bad, you can just forget your dinomancer and go for classic cube combo.

Control Mulligans

discarding your biggest and expensive minions means a lot of value for your dinomancer, if manage to get her early you can make a very strong ramp.

Pretty similar to Cube warlock as you can see, although more inestable. Still very fun and playable.

This deck is oriented to use the Cruel Dinomancer instead of Possessed Lackey (though the second one is better in most scenarios).

To activate Cruel Dinomancer deathrattle you may need to discard a big minion previously. This is achieved through Lakkari Felhound, Soulfire or -only if needed- by Doomguard. I didnt want to exceed on discards though, as its not the best mechanic of the game. I think 5 discard cards is pretty solid.

Gnomeferatu and Lakkari Felhound are cards you want to play at tempo, and most of the time you should play them as soon as you draw them to avoid discarding them (You dont want this cards from your dinomancer).

As you may already notice the deck has a few greedy cards that are meant for combo latter in the game, but are bad by stats and you dont want them to be replayed by Cruel Dinomancer . Spiritsinger Umbra , Carnivorous Cube, never keep those in hand as they will just hinder in the early game. Carnivorous Cube is a card you dont want from dinomancer either, but its stats arent that bad as taldaram, is up to the game if play it at tempo or not ( look at the cards in your hand if the odds are low, you can take the risk). Spiritsinger Umbra is also bad by stats but getting it form dinomancer means you have the chance of playing her 2 more times, is up to you and the match.

The Cruel Dinomancer itself is a card you dont want to discard either, but you can play her and then play your discard card (depending on the match you can try to do it in two turns or wait till you can combo in one). discarding one of them is bad, but that can lead you to a crazy combo with Spiritsinger Umbra + Cruel Dinomancer replaying more dinomancers.

That said most of your games you will end up discarding more than just one card, so keep in mind the cards you have discarded over the game, so you can know the odds of replaying an specific minion. If you discarded a bad minion (as i mentioned above) just keep trying to discard big minions to raise the odds of a big minion from dinomancer.

Discarding spells is bad for you but indiferent for dinomancer, so it is not that a problem. Discarding bloodreaver guldan is though so if you have already discarded a big minion just stop playing discards (unless youre about to win).


This deck is not even tier 3 so there is no point in wasting dust in it (albeit if you played cube warlock you may have most of the important cards). There are some good replacements.

For Gnomeferatu -> Kobold Librarian (its actually pretty good even if you have gnomeferatu, but i prefer the second).

Spiritsinger Umbra and Carnivorous Cube have no replacement though, if you have them or some of them add them to your deck, if not add some spells.

For the rest of legendaries and epics you can add Sleepy Dragon , Deranged DoctorGiant Mastodon , Dread Infernal and Furious Ettin .


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  1. Awesomebt
    June 5, 2018 at 2:35 am

    Think adding quest will work?

    • Coyote - Author
      June 5, 2018 at 11:52 am

      i dont like warlock quest, and i tried to put in the deck the less possible ammount of discards.

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