Altrons Turbo SN1P-SN4P combo

Class: Warlock - Format: wild - Type: combo - Season: season-64 - Style: ladder

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Updated List:

This deck is extremely quick to assemble a giant board of sn1p-sn4ps. It’s not uncommon to create 40 power worth of creatures on turn 4. Alternatively, you can use Glenda and Mechwarper to infinite combo with Zilliax as early as turn 5.

Key pieces:

Meat Wagon (deathrattle for Summoning Portal). Basically the deck has 4 copies of Summoning Portal assuming you don’t draw both copies in the same hand.

Witchwood Piper (Fetches Mechwarper, or SN1P-SN4P if you already have 2 Mechwarpers in hand.)

Sense Demons (Fetches Witchwood Piper)

Glenda (used to echo Mechwarper and do the infinite Zilliax combo)


Turbo combo: T3 play Meat Wagon with coin. T4 swing Meat Wagon into a 4/4 minion. Deathrattle fetches Summoning Portal. Play Mechwarper and SN1P-SN4P costs 0. Or, play Witchwood Piper to tutor out Mechwarper if you haven’t found it. Make a wall of giant mechs, and you still have 3 mana left over to plot twist and shuffle SN1P-SN4P back into your deck. This combo is the hardest to pull off but it’s quite consistent and the opponent will most likely concede.

The easy combo: Have Summoning Portal in hand. T3 Sense Demons for Witchwood Piper. T4 Witchwood Piper for Mechwarper. T5 Summoning Portal + Mechwarper = 0 mana SN1P-SN4P.

2 other insane combo’s:

Starting hand with Glenda, Zilliax, and Meat Wagon. Play Meat Wagon with coin on T3. Keep it alive. T5 swing Meat Wagon into a 4 attack enemy and fetch Summoning Portal. Play Glenda for 4 mana and then echo Mechwarper until Zilliax is free. Now you have infinite (time restricted) Lifesteal, Divine Shield, Magnetic, Rush giants. 

Alternatively on Turn 9, you can simply play Glenda and then echo Mechwarper for infinite Zilliax.

Backup Plan: Use Dark Possession on your fetch minions to get a few overpowered demons. Always hold on to your second Mechwarper after doing the SN1P-SN4P combo. If your opponent board wipes, you can still use it to setup for a Zilliax combo later on. 

*Edit* Flex Slots: Still not sure on Hellfire and Twisting Nether. Might do some tests with Curse of Weakness and a second Corrupting Mist in their places since Curse of Weakness also synergizes with Plot Twist. Also Emperor Thaurissan is quite slow in the deck and sees the least amount of play even though he does everything this deck wants. 

I spent a long time designing this deck. I’ve tried many different iterations and this seems to be the most consistent so far. I am very proud of this deck, and the win rate is quite high.

Just be careful against aggro decks. Our biggest weakness is decks that win before turn 5. Use Shriek and Defile to keep yourself from getting hammered down in the early game.

Enjoy! Hopefully this becomes a meta deck at some point. It feels like a meta deck for sure!

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  1. Angelo4536
    July 27, 2019 at 8:05 am

    Played this deck a few times and it’s crazy! Tried to make a glinda version myself a while back but never got it to work consistent. Very well job!

  2. Franimal86
    July 21, 2019 at 3:28 am

    Great write up. I tried sn1p sn4p warlock in wild in a highlander type deck and as the main win condition but hadn’t considered the combo potential with Glinda. Since you tried different iterations I was wondering if plot twist is just good for returning echo minions to your deck. If so why not use the 2 cost youthful brewmaster or the 3 cost legendary that adds a golden copy to your hand? Wouldn’t that be more consistent rather than hoping you draw into a second sn1p with plot twist?

    • Altron64 - Author
      July 21, 2019 at 4:11 am

      The issue with any minion under 4 cost in the deck is that they break our combo with Witchwood Piper. Sense Demons fetches Pipers (only demon in deck), Pipers fetch Mechwarpers and then fetch SN1P-SN4P when you’ve drawn your Mechwarpers. Piper also fetches Meat Wagon as the last card if you have Mechwarpers and SN1P-SN4P in hand. Basically Witchwood Piper draws you all the wombo combo cards, and the large amount of 1 and 2 mana spells keep you alive in the early game to combo as soon as possible.

      The Plot Twists just help you set up your hand and also interact with The Soularium, SN1P-SN4P, and basically anything you’ve echoed.

      Glenda is usually a last resort for me that I save for a second win con. If you play it right, you can always have that as a backup plan for turn 9 if the game goes that long.

      • Franimal86
        July 23, 2019 at 7:40 pm

        I’m so bummed. I now see why I didn’t try the Glinda combo. I don’t have her or either of the meat wagons so I sadly can’t try this particular deck out. I get what you’re saying about minions under 4 cost and I personally like the soularium with plot twist combo, too. I used it in both my decks. What about Ancient Brewmaster to get a 1 cost bounce (with summoning portal)?

        • Franimal86
          July 23, 2019 at 7:41 pm

          2 cost bounce I mean

          • Franimal86
            July 23, 2019 at 7:41 pm

            I’d probably replace emperor with him

          • Altron64 - Author
            July 24, 2019 at 5:37 am

            Ancient Brewmaster is definitely not a bad idea. The best flex slot in the deck is probably Spellbreaker. Emperor is starting to pay off in my list a bit more. He’s a good turn 4 play if you can’t find the combo but have Portal on the field.

            Check out my updated list in the description. We added more early game removal and took out Dark Possesion. The new backup plan is Archvillain Rafaam which can turn games around if all the combo stuff backfires.